In its sixth consecutive year, Beirut Design Week 2017 starts today May 19th! The event showcases the best of Lebanese and international design in various location around Beirut. Visit their program, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Daily Schedule here.

Bokja, Homesick Saifi Village, 22nd of May

Outside of defining the concept of home as a space, home is a sentiment one forms after repeated engagement with object, place, or situation. In thinking about longing for home, Bokja ponders on how spawning fish, after years away from their places of origin, navigate longs distances back to the location where they were birthed.For BDW, Bokja celebrates the home and a fishy sense of belonging to it.


Nada Debs, Mix & Match – Saifi Village, 22nd of May

Mix & Match is a collaboration born out of the interaction between two Lebanese designers recognized in different disciplines yet sharing a common love for the region’s ancestral design and craft. In this edition, Tarek Moukkadem brings with him his exuberance and his playful artistic expressions with Nada Debs’ constant pursuit for the re-invention of established traditional designs.

From this collaboration is born a modular, playful re-interpretation of the all-so-famous Levantine Tarabeza. Made from a combination of colored MDF plates that have been glued and turned in a traditional form, matched with noble materials with its simple brass tripod legs and Mother of Pearl inlayed rings, the Tarabeza is made even more a-typical by its modularity with tops ranging from a flower vase to a candle holder, a carved bowl and a lamp, ensuring craft remains at the heart of the product. The result of this melting pot of connections – from the wide spectrum of material used to the colors and functions of the Tarabeza – make this piece a true incarnation of the ‘Mix and Match’ approach.



Starch Foundation, Unbounded – Saifi Village, 22nd of May

For the 2017 generation of Starch foundation, BURAU architects present Unbounded, an installation that acts as a response to increasing urban manifestations of control and obstructing security measures. Creative space Beirut graduate Roni Helou launched Element X, a collection that follows the journey of feminism and mar?aben unveiled softsolids01, a series of wearable crochet objects. Finally, Sahar Khraibani released a series of limited edition silkscreen prints entitled “Silence was Heavy, so Time had to be Weightless”. Location: Starch boutique, Saifi Village.


Vick Vanlian – Saifi Village, 22nd of May

Rectangular dining table WE ONE

The table is made of light-weight concrete and straw marquetry that are aligned in geometric patterns, a reminder that all our essence is based on geometry, even our own DNA.
The metal base is a reminder that we are rooted to mother earth.
The concrete represents the strength and the power we have when we are all as one uniting us for a better and stronger future.

Round dining table LIFE

The table is made of light-weight concrete and colored straw marquetry that are sprouting from the center like a ray of light representing the life we have, which would not be possible without the power of the sun.
The concrete represents the strength and power we have when we are all as one, uniting us for a better and stronger future.


Joy Mardini, It’s all Relavtive; Customization & Modularity – Gemmayze, 23rd of May

The exhibition highlights one of the central pillars of the discipline of product design, specifically the relevance of customizability and modularity. The show also brings to the foreground how designers can frame their practice and address the demands for customizability in the design market.


Beirut Art Residency, Render – Gemmayze, 23rd of May

Joy Mardini Design Gallery (JMDG) in association with Beirut Art Residency (BAR) have launched the inaugural edition of render the design residency in Beirut. Two international designers, Francesco Pace and Anne-Claire Hostequin, were selected to participate in the residency for a duration of two months and inquire into the Beirut design scene.