Christine Kettaneh is a Lebanese artist, currently based in Lebanon. She is a holder of a MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (‘13) and a BA in Fine Art from the Lebanese American University (’07). She is also a holder of a MSc in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics (‘05) and a BA in Economics from the American University of Beirut (’03).

Kettaneh has worked with several artists and has taken part in many shows internationally. Most recently, she participated in ‘Bitasarrof’, a collective exhibition at the Lebanese Foundation for the National Library (Oct-Nov16) curated by Nadine Begdache (Galerie Janine Rubeiz) ; she had a duo show with Monika Grabuschnigg at Carbon12 in Dubai (Sep-Nov16); she was selected to be part of REVEALING by SGBL at the Beirut Art Fair 2016 (Sep16); she participated in a group show at Ab-Anbar in Tehran (Jul15); and won the overall Arte Laguna Prize for the ‘Sculpture and Installation category’ and the special ‘artist in gallery’ prize in Venice (Mar’15). Kettaneh has taught at different universities in Lebanon and London while she pursues her practice as an artist. She is currently teaching in the Foundation Studies at the Lebanese Amercian University.

Fully embedded in conceptualism, researching architecturally minimal works that dissolve as they are being showcased, Christine Kettaneh’s research begins with a question about the value and role of the text in contemporary art. While there’s always a poetic element involved, what Kettaneh is questioning is not meaning and interpretandum but language as a symbolic order, leading towards chaos and entropy; economic models, analytical languages, repetition. In different projects, the artist articulates language as both excavated material and excavation technique; her conceptual world being both source and subject. Her works are imbued with traces from ordinary life mapped out as a hierarchy of coordinates in which concrete meaning is sometimes awkwardly vague and lost. In her practice, Kettaneh investigates the boundaries of language and systems in research-based works that are simultaneously sculptural and performative.

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