Natalia Iguiñiz, Independencia (De la serie Buscando a Maria Elena), 2011. Inkjet print on archival paper, 30 × 53 cm. Edition 1/5 + 2AP.

With the unstable conditions dominating the world, many art plans have been recast and the art agenda is constantly changing. Here’s a guide to the dates of new art shows that we’ll continue to update as more information is released.


Art Paris – Digital Edition: May 27 – June 20

Chile Contemporary Art Fair: May 27 – June 27

Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms: June 19 – June 26

Liste Art Fair Basel: 14-20 September

Frieze London, Frieze Masters: 8-11 October

1-54 London: 8-11 October

Artissima: 6 – 8 November

Dubai Design Week: 9-14 November

Art Basel Miami Beach: 3 – 6 December

Contemporary Istanbul: 16-20 December

William Acosta, Camouflage #15, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 150 × 150 cm
William Acosta, Camouflage #15, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 150 × 150 cm


Arte Fiera: 22-24 January

The London Art Fair: January (Exact dates to be confirmed)

ARCOmadrid: 24 to 28 February 2021

Frieze Los Angeles: February

1-54 Marrakech: February

Art Dubai: 17-20 March

Art Basel – Hong Kong: March 25 -27 March

Art Paris: 7-11 April

Art Brussels: 22-25 April

ARCOlisboa: 13-16 May 2021

Art Basel in Basel: 17-20 June

London Design Biennale: June (Exact dates to be confirmed)

Beirut Art Fair: 16-19 September

La Biennale Paris: September (Exact dates to be confirmed)

Ignacio Gana, Paz / Peace, 2019. Bronce y acero / Bronze and steel, 100 × 260 × 150 cm. Editions 2-8 + 1P + 1AP
Ignacio Gana, Paz / Peace, 2019. Bronce y acero / Bronze and steel, 100 × 260 × 150 cm. Editions 2-8 + 1P + 1AP


Sharjah Art Biennial: March (Exact dates to be confirmed)

Lagos Biennial: March (Exact dates to be confirmed)



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The Custodian: Artistic Visionaries: Hady Sy

Rima Nasser: Can you briefly describe your relationship with the Dalloul Foundation and how their support has influenced your artistic career? Hady Sy: My relationship with DAF starts primarily with the personal friendship that I have with Basel Dalloul that…

‘Sheher, Prakriti, Devi’ curated by Gauri Gill at Ishara Art Foundation

Ishara Art Foundation proudly presents “Sheher, Prakriti, Devi,” an exhibition curated by the renowned artist and photographer, Gauri Gill. Marking Gill’s debut as a curator, the show delves into the intricate relationship between dynamic cities, the natural environment, and the…

The Custodian: Artistic Visionaries: Inaya Hodeib

Rima Nasser: Can you tell us how your relationship with the Dalloul Art Foundation began and your perspective on it as an artist? Inaya Hodeib: I connected with Basel online in 2014, he reached out with a “hello I love…

‘Uprising Sceneries & Works on Paper’ by Chaouki Chamoun at Mark Hachem Gallery Beirut

Chaouki Chamoun’s solo exhibition titled ‘Uprising Sceneries & Works on Paper’ at Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, takes place from February 22 to March 9, 2024. The show presents an exploration of colour and form through the display of 42 acrylic…

‘Whispers of Nature’ by Ghassan Zard at Galerie Tanit Beirut

Galerie Tanit, Beirut presents ‘Whispers of Nature’ a solo exhibition by Ghassan Zard from February 22, 2024 until April 3, 2024. In the exhibition the viewers will get the chance to explore the works of Ghassan Zard and have their…

‘The Ground Day Breaks’ by Muhannad Shono curated by Nat Muller at Athr Gallery Riyadh

Athr Gallery in Riyadh presents Muhannad Shono’s solo exhibition curated by Nat Muller, titled ‘The Ground Day Breaks’ taking place from February 18th until May 20th. In his exhibition Shono employs reclaimed black foundry sand as his primary medium, repurposing…

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