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About Us
SELECTIONS is a platform dedicated to showcasing the arts of the Arab World. Through the latest news and exhibitions, it aims to connect a diverse audience of art enthusiasts and collectors, fostering cultural exchange and new artistic expressions. SELECTIONS promotes cross-cultural communication and understanding in our increasingly interconnected world. It serves as a catalyst for cultural exchange and provides a platform for diverse artistic expressions, connecting people from different backgrounds through the arts.
Selections editorial
Selections is a quarterly contemporary art magazine that focuses on the Arab world, available both in print and digital formats with weekly content. Established in 2006, it features interviews, conversations, essays, and distinctive articles in a unique tabloid format by some of the most important figures in the international art world. With exquisite brand imagery, original creative illustrations, and insightful written articles, Selections has become a platform for the arts, fostering exchange and discovery, and has earned a permanent place in the Arab art world.
Creative agency
Selections also functions as a creative agency, providing support for creative advertising across its platforms. The agency offers tailor-made content to help brands and businesses communicate their message effectively to a diverse and engaged audience of art enthusiasts and collectors. With its expertise in the arts and culture of the Arab world, Selections’ creative agency is uniquely positioned to help clients create impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences across different regions and cultures.
Art Advisory
In addition to our editorial, Selections is proud to offer an art advisory programme. Our art advisory services include collection-building and commissioned works on canvas from emerging and established artists from the Middle East and Iran, contributing to the ever-growing collection of artworks by the Cultural Narratives Foundation. The foundation’s collection offers a breathtaking visual map of the region, featuring unique works from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, and the UAE. As a partner and friend of Selections, we are committed to refining and growing our services to better serve our clients and contribute to the growth of the art market in the region.
Limited edition issues
In addition to its quarterly magazine, Selections also offers limited edition issues under the format of “Being.” These monographic publications cover the personal lives of established artists and key figures in the art world, providing a unique glimpse into their creative processes and personal stories. These limited edition issues offer a deeper, more intimate look into the lives of these individuals, further enriching Selections’ offerings as a platform for the arts.
Specialised books
Selections also offers a collection of specialised art books, focused on Middle-Eastern artists and art practices in the fields of photography and fine arts. Each book is a unique collaboration between the artist, contributors, and the Selections team, with a high level of technical and design quality. These specialised books offer a deeper exploration of the work and practices of Middle-Eastern artists, providing an important resource for scholars, collectors, and art enthusiasts.
Selections Viewing Rooms
Selections Viewing Rooms is an online art-sale platform that provides galleries and artists with a unique opportunity to showcase their work to our diverse and engaged audience. Our carefully curated art shows feature contemporary art by living artists from the Middle East, the Gulf, and Africa, highlighting the diversity and richness of artistic expressions from these regions. Through our online exhibitions, we aim to promote and support the growth of the art market in these regions and provide a global platform for emerging and established artists.
Cultural Narratives
Cultural Narratives is an art initiative that showcases an extensive collection of commissioned unique works of art created on a canvas size of 20×20 cm by both leading established and emerging talents. These works of art aim to reflect the diverse cultures of the region and have been exhibited around the world. Through its art exhibitions, the Cultural Narratives Foundation aims to map the expressive diversity of human cultures. The foundation highlights the importance of art in promoting cross-cultural communication and understanding, fostering a global appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the region.



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Featured Images:







Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh, Drowning.







Andrea Alkalay, Kutho, Fisherman, 2019. Digital photography direct shot. Fine Art print on Hahnemuhle Rag cotton paper. Manual intervention with gold 24K, 30 x 45 cm. Ed 6+2AP. Courtesy of the artist.



SELECTIONS is a platform for the arts, focusing on the Arab World.

Selections editorial presents a quarterly print magazine and weekly online publication with high quality content on all subjects related to Art and Culture. Full of world-leading artworks, exquisite brand imagery, original creative illustrations and insightful written articles.
Selections Viewing Rooms presents carefully curated online art shows aiming not only to shed light on contemporary art executed by living artists, but also for viewers to buy contemporary fine art, prints & multiples, photography, street art and collectibles.
Discover the previous and current shows here.
Cultural Narratives foundation is an extensive collection that is travelling the world by leading established and emerging talents aiming to reflect the culture of the region in their works.