Agial Art Gallery, established in Beirut in 1990, is one of the leading destinations for modern and contemporary art from Lebanon and the Arab World. As a pioneering platform, Agial is showcasing a broad spectrum of regional art, from the most established artists to promising emerging artists, alongside retrospective exhibitions. The permanent collection of the gallery is host to an important historical survey of Middle Eastern art, having incubated and witnessed the profound transformation of artistic practices in one of the world’s most dynamic regions. Beyond the exhibition space in Ras Beirut, Agial is a global presence through participation in art fairs, off-site projects and publications, highlighting the role of the gallery in the promotion of Arab art. Representing artists across different generations, Agial is active in primary and secondary markets, with a roster of artists that has been well placed in institutions and collections, both public and private. Yet the gallery remains an open space for critical debate, cultural dialogue and cutting-edge practices.


Abboud, Shafic
Abillama, Ziad
Abo Rebieh, Azza
Abou Khalil, Sacha
Al Kubaisy, Muatasim
Al Sayed, Houmam
Albraehe, Anas
Amyuni, Rima
Aoun, Youssef
Baalbaki, Ayman
Baalbaki, Oussama
Baalbaki, Said
Badr Schmidt, Sara
Ballan, Houssam
Baran, Serwan
Basbous, Anachar
Basbous, Michel
Carle-Catafago, Christian
Charafeddine, Chaza
Choucair, Saloua Raouda
Choukini, Chaouki
Dabaghian, Jack
Daouk, Zein
Darghouth, Tagreed
El Hourany, Joseph
El Jundi, Rim
El Rawas, Mohammad
Elkassouf, Tarek
Ezzeddine, Hala
Faris, Waddah
Genadry, Daniele
Ghanem, Bernard
Haddad Credoz, Souraya
Haddad, Fadia
Halwani, Yazan
Hojeij, Mahmoud
Hussein, Nasser
Kahwagi, Bassam
Kalache, Hiba
Kassar, Mireille
Katanani, Abdul Rahman
Khaddaj, Samir
Khal, Helen
Khawam, Semaan
Khayat, Nathalie
Makki Bacho, Ginane
Massoud, Nelsy
Matta, Hala
Mogharbel, Samar
Moudarres, Fateh
Mouzannar, Hala
Nahas, Nabil
Obaidi, Mahmoud
Qaisi, Waleed R.
Rifai, Mazen
Saab, Jocelyne
Saadi, Bassel
Sadek, Walid
Safieddine, Nadia
Salem, Carla
Saouli, Salah
Saudi, Mona
Sayegh, Samir
Schoukair, Hala
Sharabi, Alaa
Sy, Hady
Tarazi, Gebran
Todman, Amy
Traboulsi, Katya
Youssef, Shawki
Zeineh, Nada
Zurayk, Afaf


Agial Art Gallery
63 Abdul Aziz street, Hamra district, Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 345 213

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturdays 10am-4pm
Sunday & Monday Closed



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