Anima Gallery inaugurated in March 2012, specializes in two primary sectors: curating exhibitions and providing art consultancy services. Anima gallery showcases a diverse portfolio of artists, ranging from emerging talents to established figures, across various artistic disciplines. The collection boasts an eclectic mix of original paintings, sculptures, paper works, and limited edition prints. Anima Gallery hosts two major exhibitions annually, emphasizing contemporary art while representing a mix of local, regional, and international artists, making Anima a pivotal contributor to Qatar’s vibrant cultural art landscape.


Hyung Koo Kang
Omar Al Shahabi
Houmam Al Sayed
Jean Boghossian
Yasser Al Mulla
Nadim Karam
Mayak Nercessian
Abdullah Al Mesleh
Abdulaziz Yousef
Kezban Arca Batibeki
Anachar Basbous
Thamer Al Dossari
Hassan Bouhou
Mubarak Al Malik
Asaf Erdemli
Maryam Al Homaid
Anastasia Nysten
Yasmina Nysten
Jumanah Abbas
Nicolas Panayotou
Marc Quinn
Abdel Rahim Sharif
Manolo Valdés
Manuella Guiragossian
Mahmoud Obaidi
Zheng Lu
Jehad Al Ameri
Ahmed Albahrani
Jean Marc Nahas
Jean Paul Guiragossian
Jason Martin
Helidon Xhixha
Emmanuel Guiragossian
Elie Bourgely
Charbel Samuel Aoun
Fernando Botero
Chaouki Chamoun
Caroline Ponte
Mohammad Said Baalbaki(Baal)
Fatima Al Hajj
Amal Al-Athem
Ali Hassan
Maher Attar
Youssef Ahmad
Alimi Adewale
Hanadi Al-Darwish
Peter Zimmermann
Pedro Varela
Nuno De Matos
Najia Mehadji
Mauro Peruchetti
Masakatsu Sashie


Anima Gallery

27 th floor , Alfardan Twin Towers , west bay , Doha , Qatar.

T: +974 5574 0650 | +974 4002 7437

Open by appointment only



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