Anuar Khalifi at The Third Line

Anuar Khalifi at The Third Line

The Third Line announces their second solo exhibition with Spanish-Moroccan artist Anuar Khalifi. The exhibition, titled Mirror Ball, debuts a unique sculpture together with a series of richly detailed and vibrant paintings that continue the artist’s ongoing exploration into the complexities of personal identity and the experience of living between two worlds, both seen and unseen.

Anuar Khalifi, Mirror Ball, 2022, Acrylic on Canvas, 68⅞ x 78¾ in. 175.00 x 200.00 cm

Born out of the artist’s mind and thus semi-autobiographical in nature, the characters introduced in this new body of work continue Khalifi’s ongoing exploration into the intricacies of personal identity in the modern world. Khalifi seeks to examine the possibility of an authentic identity that exists at the intersection of modernity and tradition and in doing so, he delves into deep-rooted themes of colonialism, capitalism and the global south. Blending past and present collective memory with his own personal reflections, Khalifi implores us to question societal norms and break free from the limitations they impose in the search for reality and truth.

Anuar Khalifi, Smellfie, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 41¾ x 30¼ in. 106.00 x 77.00 cm

Mirror Ball refers to the only piece in the exhibition that is not a painting, but a sculpture. This title is symbolic to the entire exhibition, which is a journey to self-discovery. Commanding attention in the centre of the gallery, this reflecting sculpture – D1EB4UD1E (2023) – is where all the characters in the paintings are intertwined. Anchoring them together, D1EB4UD1E (2023) represents their heart, their origin, and their ultimate destination.

As each character embarks on their individual journey, they come together in this land in-between, forging connections and dialogue – some ask questions, while others provide answers. Each character may seem to follow their own path, yet their interdependence is palpable, providing a sense of unity and belonging, even in solitude.

Inspired by classical painters and Moroccan culture, the exhibition reflects a perspective that seeks to observe the outward world from within. Mirror Ball serves as a poignant memoir of Khalifi’s own journey, viewed through the lens of the present, and an homage to the artist’s journey from childhood to transcendence.

Anuar Khalifi, Souvenirs, 2022, Acrylic on Canvas, 44⅛ x 34¼ in. 112.00 x 87.00 cm


Mirror Ball

Location: The Third Line

Duration: April 6- May 19, 2023



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