Art Brussels 2023

Art Brussels 2023

Art Brussels announces further details of its 39th edition which takes place from 20 – 23 April at Brussels Expo. As one of Europe’s oldest and most established fairs, Art Brussels has a reputation for discovery, and this year 152 galleries from 32 countries will present a mix of established and emerging talent as well as artists to rediscover. The fair will present the best of the contemporary gallery scene, showcasing more than 800 artists as part of a vibrant programme. Alongside the new initiatives and projects commissioned for the fair, Art Brussels will feature works that engage with technology and Artificial Intelligence, spirituality and mysticism, and themes of race, identity and gender politics.

Here are a few highlights:

1 Mira Madrid 

TERESA LANCETA, Barcelona, Spain, 1951
Tapices Tapestry JUNIO, 2003. Lana y algodón, 275 x 178 cm. Pieza unica

A markedly personal and dynamic project on the image and its multiple plastic representations. Establishing a link between her own artistic practice and the
artists with whom she works –which are the ones that interest her as an artist–,
Mira Bernabeu has articulated a gallery program in which she explores the use of the image as a formal and expressive resource in the contemporary creation. The proposals put forward by 1 Mira Madrid address controversial issues and seek to provide a meeting point in which to debate the context in which we live. The identity of the gallery is configured based on the selection of artists with whom it works. The works exhibited are not only loaded with a strong critical content, but also question pre-established and commonly accepted concepts


Curve and straight. The line in Italian abstract-kinetic research / 10 A.M. ART, Milan / Photo by Mattia Mognetti

The 10 A.M. ART Gallery is presenting a solo show by Lucia Di Luciano at Art Brussels 2023. Lucia Di Luciano is a significant artist in Italian Programmed Art, known for her exploration of logic and mathematics in creating geometric modules that can be combined with architecture and industrial design. Her works are based on Gestalt theory and feature painting-based investigations of a mathematical nature. The show will present her works from the 1960s, which present a fundamental alphabet of shapes generated by lines, squares, and rectangles. Lucia’s works aim to reflect on the function of art in the context of a new society founded on technology, and the observer is led to take part in the generation of the work. Later in her career, Lucia Di Luciano introduced primary colors in her works while still investigating optical perception

418 Gallery

Exhibition Vincentiu Grigorescu – Le Grande Tele, Solo exhibition, 2016, CetateArtsDanube

The Gallery plans a presentation with references to the exhibition of Vincentiu Grigorescu from 1974 in Brussels at Gallery Rue Ravenstein 7. Most of the works will be rare tapestries created in various layers that open up to the front. Some of them were shown in the historical exhibition mentioned above.

Gallery 1957

Adjei Tawiah, Untitled, 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery 1957

Gallery 1957 is hosting a two-person exhibition featuring new works by Adjei Tawiah and Tegene Kunbi. Tegene Kunbi’s compositions incorporate different shapes and colors, reflecting his cultural duality as a migrant from Ethiopia to Germany. He draws inspiration from his native landscape, fabrics, and wall paintings, and uses oil and textile to create textured surfaces with vibrant colors. Adjei Tawiah is known for his unique use of nylon sponge to create figurative representations. He calls his technique ‘Sponge Martial’, and it was inspired by the cleansing of his mother’s corpse. The bright colors in his work symbolize the moments of brightness that follow darker times.

ADN Galeria

ADN Galeria’s proposal aims to stress both poetical and political language from different angles. After some of the most emblematic art events lately and considering the growing inclusion of the so-called ‘political artists’, they think that the public and the collectors will pay attention to socially-oriented practices. The point is that the market is not completely oblivious of the social dynamics in which these practices develop.

Carlos Aires, Abdelkader Benchamma, Nicolas Daubanes, Regina José Galindo, Kendell Geers, Margaret Harrison.

Art Brussels 2023 selected galleries in numbers:

152 galleries divided in 4 sections:

  • 34 in DISCOVERY
  • 99 in PRIME
  • 29 SOLO presentationsOf the 152 participating galleries:
  • 26% are from Belgium
  • 55% are from Europe (outside of Belgium)
  • 19% are from the rest of the world (from these, 9% are from the USA and 4% are from Asia)


Art Brussels 2023

Location: Brussels Expo

Duration: 20 – 23 April 2023



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