Art Jameel commissions sustainability pavilion ‘Tarabot: Weaving A Living Forum’ at Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai for COP28

Installation view of Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park at Jameel Arts Centre. Courtesy of Jameel Arts Centre

Art Jameel, a proponent of artists and creative communities, announces the launch of Tarabot: Weaving A Living Forum, a pioneering pavilion designed by theOtherDada and commissioned by Art Jameel with support from Abdul Latif Jameel Company. Located within the Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park, Tarabot tells the UAE’s landscape story through sustainable materials like clay, mycelium, date palm waste, and upcycled fabric. The pavilion, inaugurated during COP28, serves as a dynamic space for talks, presentations, and community programs. Acting as an interspecies ecotone, Tarabot fosters synergy between humans and the natural world, incorporating sustainable design pillars: Soil, Water, Plants, and Energy.

View of Jaddaf Waterfront Sculpture Park at Jameel Arts Centre. Courtesy of Art Jameel. Photo by Mohamed Somji

After de-installation, its modular components will find new life as underwater habitats, connecting land and sea ecosystems. Fady Jameel, Chairman of Art Jameel, emphasises Tarabot’s role in promoting collaboration across art, architecture, and technology, showcasing innovative solutions for global challenges. Antonia Carver, Director of Art Jameel, highlights the pavilion’s dynamic engagement with the community in envisioning a sustainable future. Architect Adib Dada envisions Tarabot as a shared space for humans and organisms, weaving together the urban and natural realms.

The pavilion features artworks by Solimar Miller, addressing urbanisation’s impact on the environment and encouraging discussions on climate change. Tarabot, part of Art Jameel’s commitment to sustainability, reflects a holistic approach to art’s role in addressing the climate crisis, embodying the organisation’s dedication to fostering environmental awareness and action. The pavilion’s launch aligns with COP28 and marks an integral contribution to the ongoing discourse on climate and sustainability.

About Art Jameel

Art Jameel, championed by the philanthropic endeavors of the Jameel family, provides steadfast support to artists and creative communities. Operating independently and headquartered in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the organisation has a global reach. At the core of Art Jameel’s mission are dynamic programs spanning exhibitions, commissions, research, learning, and community-building, all founded on the belief that the arts are intrinsic to life and should be accessible to everyone. Two key institutions, namely Hayy Jameel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai, UAE, serve as dedicated hubs for the arts, fostering creativity. These physical spaces are complemented by digital initiatives, expanding the organization’s impact and outreach.

Location: Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai



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