To celebrate the 75th year of Lebanese independence, Libanpost commissioned a painting from Nabil Nahas, one of the most renowned artists and celebrated contemporary painters in Lebanon inspired by his collection “Cedrus Linani” to be reproduced as one of their stamps. 100 000 stamps are to be produced to be sold at 10 000 Lebanese Lira each.


Nabil Nahas returned to Beirut in 1993 after an exile of 18 years and completed the series in 2006. After the destruction of war, Nahas found refuge in the high-altitude forests of Lebanon. Even if has resided for a long period of time in New York and still does, returning to his native land is essential for a sense of grounding. Using his signature western abstraction style, with a compositional structure mostly applied in portraiture, Nahas created one of his most famous series, works that induce a serene sensation by using the Zen verticality of cedar branches and a sense of unity among the people of this land through the thing that cannot be seen, the roots.


Approached by Libanpost, Khalil Daoud, Nahas was so moved by this nationalistic gesture that he chose to paint a new piece reflecting idealism; he was motivated to paint the perfect tree with strong sacred under tones. The Sursock museum held an auction to sell the original painting on the 20th of November. The paintings proceeds are to be distributed to the Lebanese families of the soldiers that died in the battle of Arsal in 2014, a matter which still strongly affects the artist.