Issue #44 — Curriculum Vitae

In this issue, we asked artists from the Middle East to compose their very own artistic C.V’s., using whatever means and mediums they felt were necessary to convey their job experiences and past projects in the most self-reflective way possible.

Issue #45 – Inventing Perspectives

We stepped into the minds of certain designers, architects, artists and students, to get their perspectives on certain urban projects of their choosing, giving their picks a whole new light.

Issue #46 – Hijacked

Detail of Artwork, 130 x 200 cm

From its title, this issue takes the form of a takeover by the Iranian artist, Fereydoun Ave, where he dedicates around 126 pages to showcase beautiful works of some 64 Iranian artists.

Special Edition of Issue #46 – Being Nadim Karam

This special edition delves into the world of the renowned artist, Nadim Karam—taking us on a journey starting from his childhood up until his achievement of today.

Issue #47 – Sanctuaries

An invasion of the personal art spaces of 10 different artists from the Middle East, some living, some not— we got an inside glimpse of these artists’ workspaces, and some anecdotes about their creative processes.

Art Journal and Cultural Narratives Handbooks

In partnership with Lufthansa, the Art Journal serves as handy arts guidebook, suggesting art museums and galleries to visit, covering a large number of cities across the world.
On the other hand, see the 20×20 artworks from artists from the Middle East come to life with the little green Cultural Narratives publication.

Cultural Narratives Portfolio

A collector’s item of the Cultural Narratives artworks—fine printed, and carefully packaged.