Art d’Egypte brings you it’s latest achievement, a pop up show entitled ‘Nothing vanishes, everything changes’ under the curatiorial expertise of Nadine Abdel Ghaffar. It is currently on dislay at the Manial Palace museum in Cairo, a historical landmark comparable to a garden of Eden designed by Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik. Inaugurated by a memorable event ‘Night at the Manial Palace Museum’ with over 300 in attendance, guests could wonder through the different buildings and gardens to witness artworks, installations and performance pieces by 28 Egyptian contemporary artists.

Geneva based Egyptian artist Alyaa Kamel chose to create a rather intimate piece of life size figurative sketches lit from behind. Ahmed Askalany had a few intriguing displays of sculptures depicting human figures having criptic interactions and symbolic body language. Mohamed Monaisser’s ‘dictionary’ consisted of pages upon pages of interesting illustrations and messages, layed out on a large surface filling up an entire room, a piece worthy of patience and attention.


Given the fact that the nature of this exhibition is fairly temporary, it must be said that the contemporary pieces harmonise so vividly with the historic site that one wishes for it to be granted more permanence. The resolution however is well said in the title.

The show will be  viewed from October 28 until November 28 2018