Nada Debs has long expressed a desire to transform her eponymous line into a lifestyle brand. The Beirut-based furniture and accessories designer, best known for her geometric, purist designs enhanced with delicate mother-of-pearl, has been a regional and international star for the past 15 years – she’s credited with having pioneered a new, contemporary way of producing traditional Middle Eastern furnishings.

And now, she’s created a distinctive line of jewelry that radiates her signature mix of Middle Eastern craftsmanship and Far Eastern purity. “A designer is a designer, whether for home accessories, furniture, bags or jewelry. We can use the same principles and apply it on different disciplines,” she says.

Consisting of a series of rings, the Arabesque jewelry collection harks back to the golden age of Islamic architecture, highlighting the geometric and scientific excellence of ancient civilizations. Much like iconic architectural works, the rings evoke a repetition of patterns, as Nada Debs captures the magic of the infinite within a mesmerizing design.

The Arabesque rings were created in collaboration with esteemed Lebanese jeweler Selim Mouzannar, who worked for over a year to come up with the perfect first prototype. Backed by a team of skilled Lebanese artisans, Selim Mouzannar executed Nada Debs’ designs to create modern Middle Eastern jewelry with a contemporary edge, a style that remains virtually nonexistent across the globe. “The Arabesque ring was a challenge for me to design and collaborating with Selim Mouzannar, of quality workmanship, was a pleasure,” says Debs.

The rings come in white, yellow or pink gold, and they are adorned with either black or white diamonds. The rings can also be customized with diamonds of various colors – a process that takes about a month to complete to ensure that each piece retains its exquisite workmanship. Each ring is numbered and signed, and it comes in its own specially designed translucent box.

Much more than a piece of jewelry, a Nada Debs ring is a keepsake, an heirloom piece designed to encapsulate the spirit of our era, while at the same time carrying within its core the essence of the future. In the designer’s words: “I hope that this will become a timeless classic.”