The exhibition coinciding with the 13th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize is currently on view in Venice, bringing together global artists across disciplines in a competition seeking to promote and support their careers. The prize, founded in 2006 partners with non-profits, galleries, museums, companies and art residency programmes to select global artists from 120 countries, many of whose artworks are acquired by collectors.

The exhibition on view in Venice is curated by Igor Zanti, an Italian curator and director of IED Florence Director who brings these artists together in a mammoth show through a selection coordinated an international jury including Flavio Arensi, Filippo Andreatta, Alfonso Femia, Mattias Givell, Eva González-Sancho, Simone Pallotta, Richard Noyce, Danilo Premoli, Enrico Stefanelli, Alessandra Tiddia, Vasili Tsereteli and Maxa Zoller. The jury and the curator evaluated all the applications consisting of 8,000 artworks received during the open call between September and December 2018.  The exhibition in the spaces of the Arsenale in Venice, includes 120 artworks divided into: 30 paintings, 25 sculptures and installations, 25 works of photographic art, 10 videos, 5 art projects, 5 of urban art, 5 works of virtual art, 5 of digital graphics, 5 design projects and 5 performance pieces. This year’s edition also saw 6 overall winners awarded € 7,000 each for categories in Painting (Ryszard Szozda, PL), Photography/Digital Art (Silvia Montevecchi, IT), Sculpture and Installation (Jean-Philippe Côté CA), Video Art and Performance (Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi IT), Land Art and Urban (Jad El Khoury, LB) and Design (Elena Colombo, IT).

A standout in the winners works is that of Lebanese artist, El Khoury for the Land Art and Urban category presented Burj el Hawa – The Tower of Wind, 2018, which saw him transform an abandoned building into an architectural installation where colourful shades covering the empty windows of the tower “dance” in the blowing wind, breathing new life into a tower unfinished due to the Lebanese Civil War that began a year after its construction in 1974. Another intriguing winning work was the Design category selection of Inclusive Tea House, 2017 by Italian artist Elena Colombo, an installation highlighting sustainability, inclusivity and accessibility.

The Arte Laguna Prize and exhibition offer a unique insight into current trends and movements in global contemporary art. Importantly, it creates a platform those who make art outside the more traditional scenes and from countries where artistic production is hindered due to political, social, economic hardships.

Arte Lagunza Prize art exhibition is on view until the 25th of April.