Bernar Venet echoes city life in his monumental bronze sculptures

If you’ve walked along Union Square Park in Manhattan anytime over the past two months, you’ve probably noticed a spectacular bronze sculpture gracing the corner of Broadway and 17th Street. The monumental installation, titled “Disorder: 9 Uneven Angles” and set to remain on Union Square until June 22, is the work of 75-year-old French conceptual artist Bernar Venet. Soaring 24 feet into the New York sky and brutally aggressive with its multitude of sharp angles, the arresting sculpture is designed to echo the dizzying vectors of city life.

In parallel with his outdoor installation, Venet is also staging a show of recent work at Manhattan’s Paul Kasmin Gallery. The artist’s inaugural show at the gallery, “Angles,” runs until June 18 and features four large-scale cor-ten steel sculptures, each vibrantly alive with a series of acute angles that extend horizontally or stretch vertically. The angles are arranged in a way to allude to a sequence of movements, as they grow, open and stretch into infinity. Venet’s four large-scale sculptures are accompanied by smaller sculptural maquettes that shed light onto his thought process, while offering new directions for this body of work.

Earlier this year, on February 29, Venet received the International Sculpture Center’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award.