Frieze Art fair in 2016 brought together 200 galleries from around the world in a dynamic showcasing worthy of even the most seasoned modern art enthusiast

The 2016 Frieze Art fair took place on Randall’s island in New York City this year. This beautiful picturesque environment brought together thousands of people under the big white tent of art. I have to declare without hesitation, that this fair contained the most interesting and captivating art I have seen in New York City this Year.

The fair welcomes you with a giant helium-inflatable figure of a baby with a wide-open mouth. This piece by Alex De Corte entitled “Free Money” is not the only work of art that occupies the green laws outside the fair. Performers dressed in “The Jetsons-like” silvery grey uniforms with wide helixes on the head and around the hips and sat in unison on the grass. This Piece by Eduardo Navarro was a hot topic primarily due to the performers personal level of commitment and magnetism.

Another performance piece, which caught my attention, was situated inside the tent. British Artist Anthea Hamilton pays homage to Italian architect Mario Bellini by bringing to life the archival images documenting the Kar-a-Sutra, a prototype for a utopian vehicle that would create an inhabitable mobile space meant to foster human creativity, imagination and communication. A resident cast of mimes demonstrates the variety of positions one can assume within the vehicle. The performances were scheduled at 12 and 2 pm everyday during the fair.
Although the fair was swarming with artwork worth writing about, I want to bring your attention to the work of Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005) represented by “Clearing” in Brussels and New York. These Digital Works of art are captivating for their sense of color and humor.