The glamorous city of Milan has entered perhaps its busiest artistic week of the year, with the inauguration of Fuorisalone, as part of the prominent Milan Design Week.

The dispersed, independent events, in parallel to Salone del Mobile, are infiltrating Milan, with impressive exhibitions that define this year’s Fuorisalone excellence.


1. 5vie:

The Art and Design association has produced several compelling shows to display at the Fuorisalone; The Fish and the Crowd, Connect and L’Ultima Cera are three of many truly remarkable exhibitions with incredibly creative concepts.

The Fish and the Crowd by Carlo Massoud:

The Lebanese designer’s solo debut in the Italian exhibition with The Fish and the Crowd. Curated by Maria Cristina Didero, Massoud brings together a number of objects made in his Beirut studio in 2013 until today, combined with new products made especially for The Fish and the Crowd.

The exhibition is a re-imagination of the Oratorio della Passione church, with objects spread around the church, playing the role of a sitting crowd, running from April 7 till April 14 2019.

Connect by Kiki Van Eijk x Joost van Bleiswijk:

The Dutch couple have brought to life Connect, a collaborative piece also produced by 5vie, that highlights the beauty of collaboration, and show the dynamic of feeding from one another’s work.

The exhibition explores the contemporary topic of connection, and empathy (or lack thereof); the use of space in design, and the way the objects connect with the concept, the designer, the space they are in, with each other, and with the themselves.

Lack of empathy is also a central theme of their installation, where in today’s time, genuine empathy is perhaps a rare find–whether in art production, nature and people, or creative flow.

Connect is running from April 8 till April 14, 2019 at via Cesare Correnti, 14.

L’ULTIMA CERA by Anton Alvarez:

Curated by Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, Alvarez manages to blur the lines between branding an object as fully-functional, or as a sculpture. The artist explored the possibilities of creation with wax, and finally encrusting his final products with bronze.

Alvarez uses a self-made machine to shape his objects, which turn out with surprising waves and twists, resulting with  12 new pieces, on display at a rare Renaissance relic from the XV century, Church San Bernardino alle Monache.

The show runs from April 7th till the 13th, 2019.

2. David/Nicolas at Life in Vogue:

Vogue Italia has invited eight internationally acclaimed designers to personally interpret their visions of the famous magazine’s editorial offices and furniture, allowing their personalities to mix with their thoughts on how fashion and design are brought together homogeneously.

The offices will open its Piazzale Cadorna doors to the public, allowing them to tread through their completely refurbished offices, with each room giving off a different design feel, through the work of the creatives, david/nicolas, Massimiliano Locatelli, Pierre Marie, Ana Kraš, Rafael de Cárdenas / Architecture at Large, Jonathan Anderson, storagemilano and Studio Proba.

Featured in the event is a 360-degree imagined wardrobe department, where the seasonal clothing are all organised, and put together, along with the accessories, showcasing the moment of the model’s arrival, on to the fittings, until the creation of the cover story..

The offices are open to the public from April 9 till April 12, 2019.

3. Hermès Maison:

The iconic brand will be showing its latest furniture designs and textile collections, in addition to wallpaper and fabrics.

The highlight of it all is their “All About Materials” exhibition; a showcase of carefully crafted lamps, by designers Barber and Osgerby, who show great respect for material, lines, shapes, and design.

Catch the show at La Pelota, Via Palermo 10 from April 10 to April 14, 2019.

4. Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades:

This celebrated travel-inspired, limited-edition luxurious collection unveils its latest additions in the 2019 Fuorisalone.

Two designers have been newly added, Atelier Biagetti and Zanellato/Bortotto, to the list of renowned designers who have contributed in crafting the experimental Objets for Design Week.

The space in which the innovative designs are displayed in, tells a dramatic scenario of how the objects can be put into use, with unique lighting and colours pumping even more life to the pieces.

The exhibit runs at the Palazzo Verbelloni, Corso Venezia 16 (9-14 April, 2019).

5. The Cure at Ventura Future:

As part of Ventura Future, a contemporary design organisation, that has brought together 83 exhibitors for this year’s Design Week, with themes ranging from food to craftsmanship, and technology; Selections is highlighting Richard Yasmine’s purest-of-white, abstract furniture collection, named The Cure. 

The name refers to the “restorative power of beauty”; a power of wholesome healing. Yasmine’s spiritual collection is made up of an armchair, a pendulum clock, and a wall-mounted light, all mirroring the theme of peace coming from within–as well resonating the powerful theme of the abstraction and unpredictability of time. Every crafted piece mirrors a certain aspect of the philosophical approach; for instance, the armchair having a Headstone shape to represent destiny, the pendulum symbolising seizing every moment, and the light representing the majesty of one’s soul.

This design experience is hosted at the BASE Milano from April 9 to April 14, 2019.

6. Dior Maison x Dimore Studio:

The Italian-American designer duo, Dimore Studio, executed a prestigious collaboration with Dior Maison to make 14, highly exclusive pieces that span vases, trays, a cande-labra, a lighter, an ashtray, place-settings, frames, and an umbrella stand.

The pieces pay an hommage to Dior’s cannage technique, with the use of gold, silver, and bronze that is seen across all of the pieces, as well as some silver-leaf workings, and golden nuances.

The collection also, clearly, draws inspiration from both Surrealism, and Cubism (which were some of Christian Dior’s favourite art movements), naming one of their pieces “Ceci n’est pas un vase” (This is not a vase) after the Magritte masterpiece.

The black sets used to stage the pieces are of minimal nature, with white outlines of paintings, objects, and plants are drawn in white chalk.

The collection is showing from April 9 to April 11, at the Casa degli Atellani.


7. COS x Mamou Mani:

The French fashion brand has partnered with architect Arthur Mamou-Mani, to create Conifera; an installation made up of 3D-printed bioplastic bricks.

The futuristic installation spreads across the gardens of Palazzo Isimbardi, creating an interesting historical contrast, with the designs being from the 21st century, and the buildings of Palazzo being from the 16th century.

The bioplastic bricks are fully compostable, made using renewable resources, mirroring the futurstic innovative design Mamou-Mani was aiming to convey through his white and brown structures.

The installation is on display from the 9th till the 14th of April, 2019.

8. Pleasure & Treasure by Advantage Austria:

This year, walking across the Sala Reale to look at top-class selections of Austrian-designed home accessories, table mirrors, office furniture, tableware, and lighting will require wading through a pool a foam.

The historical Sala opens its door for the first time for the Fuorisalone, allowing the Austrian architects Vasku and Klug to spread out their imagination, and truly transform the space.

This pool experience will be open at Stazione Milano Centrale – Sala Reale, from April 9th, until the 14th (2019).

9. Google presents: A Space for Being:

Through a partnership between Google and Johns Hopkins University’s Arts + Mind Lab, comes an installation that functions to prove neurological responses to art.

A Space for Being comprises several interactive rooms, each with its unique sets of sensory experiences, such as lighting, scent, and music. For each venturer, a band is given for him/her to wear throughout their tour of the rooms. Consequently, the wearer’s heart rate, breathing, temperature and body motion is all recorded, measured, and later analysed at the end of the installation.

It is a first for an exhibition to grant their visitors insight into their personal reactions to different environments.

The experience is open at the Spazio Maiocchi, from the 10th of April, till the 14th, 2019.

10. Shape of Gravity:

Oki Sato, founder of Nendo design studio, has brought to Design Week, in collaboration with Wonderglass, a dozen of glass-made furniture, all featuring a U-shape at the base, as a result of gravity affecting molten glass.

An armchair, a chaise longue, a dining table, a side table, a partition and a vase all of glass-nature have been meticulously hand-made by a team of excellent craftsmen. Their method required pouring molten glass into moulds, allowing gravity to aid in forming the shape of each piece.

Visit the show at Istituto dei Ciechi, from the 8th of April, till the 14th, 2019.