Trained as a topographer, the Italian photographer Gigi Cifali has revealed his latest work – “Absence of Water” in London. The series of baths, pools and lidos from all around the UK was taken between the years 2006 and 2014.

“They were places in vogue, fundamental for the life till the thirties of XX Century,” said Cifali. “Gradually, living conditions and tastes have changed, resulting in a drop of attendances, leaving the public pools uneconomical to run. Symbols of civic and architectural pride in Victorian times, today only a handful of them remain as a representation of bygone era”.


“These architectures, trough their charm, show us the time irreversible action, the ruin, the sense of emptiness that surrounds and fills them,” Cifali continues. “Yet they are testimony and memory of a not too far age, when they were places full of voices and laughter and the beating heart of life”.

The idea of these photographers is to have a moment to ponder water and its impact on the world. “Water determines the wealth, it is indispensible to live and its lack inexorably leads to ruin, exactly as what happened to these pools” says Cifali.

The series is available on the web site:

By Daniel Scheffler