This year’s Art Madrid will be an artistic hub for almost more than 200 Spanish and international artists, coming from Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. This year’s edition of the annual show has reached an impressive international participation of 40%.

All of that will be encompassed in more than 40 galleries, including 10 first-timers, starting the 27th of February, until the 3rd of March. The galleries include Madrid’s locals such as Kreisler, Marita Segovia, F*cking Art Gallery, Hispanica Contemporanea (which is also based in Mexico City)—other Spanish galleries from Gijón such as Bea Villamarin, Luisa Pita from Santiago de Compostela, MH art Gallery from Bilbao, Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo coming from Barcelona, and much more from all over Spain. Foreign galleries are also partaking in the grand event, with a presence form Portuguese (Art Lounge), French, German, Peruvian and New Yorker, and Cuban galleries.

One Project, the program designed to support and expose young artists, will also be taking place in the form of both a collective exhibition, and a solo show. One Project will be led by art critic and curator Nerea Ubieto, who presents a proposal led only by female artists.

Moreover, the South American art scene will be heavily highlighted this year, with a collective O-Art Project, as well as the Zielinksy Gallery taking part in exhibiting South American paintings and sculptures.

As for Africa, the Norty Mécénat Gallery exhibits works from French-African scene, while the Oda Gallery introduces South African pieces. Other artists and sculptors from Germany, Portugal, France, and the United States are also participating, such as François Bel, Stéphane Gautier, Willi Siber and Michael Laube.

In addition to all the impressive exhibitions, professional workshops, conversations with artists, lectures, master classes, and curated screening programs will be included in the busy Art Madrid schedule, as well as a visit to the Guest Artist Rubén Martín de Lucas’s studio, for a chance to meet closely. Screenings and an appreciation for video art and visuals are to be considered the cherry on top of this 2019’s Art Madrid.

Art Madrid will be held on the 27th of February until the 3rd of March.