GPP 2017 ( Gulf Photo Plus) enfolds a week of exhibitions, photo walks, special events and workshops lead by the world’s best photographers of all time. The event transforms Al Serkal avenue into a photography hub connecting photographers and art enthusiasts from around the world.



Take The Shot

Take the Shot explores the possibilities of photography through different genres.  Each contributing photographer speaks to the exhibit’s theme through a unique visual language, whether mobile photography, augmented reality, Instagram, or web documentaries.


Humanæ is a “work in progress” by the Brazilian Angélica Dass, who intends to deploy a chromatic range of the different human skin colors.

Sony World Photography award

This exhibition features winning, shortlisted, and commended images from the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Sony World Photography Awards.




Custot Gallery 

Nick Brandt| Inherit the Dust

Nick Brandt has printed and enlarged his animal portraits to life-size, placing them in locations such as factories, underpasses and quarries. The resulting artworks feature haunting representations of the most majestic and endangered species – elephants, rhinoceroses, zebras, lions, apes – as they seem to wander through a wasteland of despair and destruction.




1×1 Gallery

Group Exhibition | The Poetics of Absence

The theme of travel is strictly connected to that of separation, of disruption and of the inevitability of making farewells. The reverse of these feelings is the attempt to neutralize the evidence of severance through a series of stratagems perfected over the millennial history of humanity.

Carbon 12

Michael Sailstorfer | Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud engages both the joyful irony that fuels the Pop Art movement and the experimental aesthetics of minimalist art. The project is comprised of both a photograph and video footage documenting the fall of Sailstorfer’s steel-cast cloud sculpture onto the ground below, where it creates a series of cracks and ripples through the asphalt.

Elmarsa Gallery

Mouna Karray| Noir #1 & Noir #7

Elmarsa Gallery is a Tunisian gallery that opened a branch in Alserkal Avenue in 2015 and is showcasing photography by Tunisian-born photogrpaher Mouna Karray.
Speaking about her project Noir, 2013, Karray says, “In jail, my body is constrained but remains able to create. Only my hand is visible to activate the shooting distance.

Lawrie Shabibi

Yazan Khalili| Colour Correction 2

Central themes in Khalili’s work are the trauma of losing the homeland in 1948, the sense of separation between the shared memories of the older, exiled generation and the present reality of Palestine. In the Colour Correction – Camp series, Khalili’s focus is Al-Am’ari refugee camp, a sprawling entity located inside/beside/outside the city of Ramallah.

Limah Design Consultants

Hussain Al Moosawi|Under Construction: Fences of the UAE

Hussain Al Moosawi’s work presents a playful and vibrant portrayal of construction fences and how they break up the homogeneity of the architecturally uniform neighbourhoods of the UAE. The work demonstrates how even humble fences can offer a colorful lesson in freedom and expression.

Total Arts

Lynn Davis| Lynn Davis Photographs

A series of photographs focused on the architectural monument of Yazd, Isfahan by American photographer Lynn Davis, best known for her large scale black and white photographs. The images were taken during her trip to Iran in 2001 and are part of her larger dialogue with the tradition of travel photography.