Dubai-based lecturer and designer Bruce Paget allows Selections a glimpse into his private sketchbook and explains why it’s important to draw every day

I’m a design lecturer living and working in Dubai, having previously worked in London as design director for a niche interior design studio. I originally studied on a fine arts foundation course in Leeds and returned to drawing two years ago, finally taking the advice I regularly give my students, which is to draw every day.

I draw to improve – influenced by Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule – and limit myself to ink pens. The sketches are not intended to be displayed, but as something I can reflect on to improve.

Unconscious themes have emerged as a result of where and when I have free time, so travel – taxi journeys, airplane interiors, home, holidays – is often prominent. Often the drawings are of times and places I would normally forget – non-places, interiors we encounter in the modern world but have no meaningful interaction with, and therefore no recollection of. For better or worse, sketching changes that.

by Bruce Page

A version of this article appeared in print in Selections, The Collectors Issue #38, pages 136-138.