We’ve asked artists, architects and designers plus architectural students from LAU, to share with us their thoughts and ideas as they relate to their favorite cities, Utopian urban design and various life experiences. Here are their answers, along with original works that best reflect their passion, creativity and emotions.

Tell us about the work you submitted. What does it say about you?

My compositions are results of a creative process, which starts from arranging pictures in a way to get a harmonic collage then enhancing it through technologies that are provided for all of us, and finally putting the artistic touch by using paint or other materials to get the final look. I stuck to the geometric shapes, at some point trying to show them from another perspective, and this gives the work a 3D vision through layering, either in a 2D painting or in a layer arrangement. My work reflects my passion in geometric shapes and in showing them in the most artistic way.

Lana Habbal stylization of stage 3 in the form of totem made from cement and cork

When creating a new piece, what inspires you most?

At the beginning I get inspired by artists who did work similar to what I’m planning to do. I learn from their knowledge and know the obstacles that they face. And then I do my work, reflecting their work but in my vision.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would choose to live in Spain or Italy, because in my opinion they are the inner core of the world of design, either in the architecture field in Spain that could help me in my career or in the art field in Italy, which will also help me to improve my passion and attitude in art.

Lana Habbal assemblage

What’s one thing you could never live without? Why is it so important to you?

I think the most important thing that a person can’t live without are his dreams and ambitions, and I personally cannot live without these two things.

Lana Habbal stylization of stage 1

Who’s the person you admire and why?

I most admire Zaha Hadid for being the first woman architect to have the ability to change the concept of curves in architecture all over the world.

Describe yourself in just one word.