Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich, Switzerland last week opened the major retrospective “Kurt Schwitters: MERZ” in collaboration with Cabaret Voltaire, and in conjunction with the 100-year celebration of DADA this year.

“The architecture for our ‘MERZ – Kurt Schwitters’ exhibition was entirely Zaha Hadid’s concept, fully formulated before her death and discussed in detail with me and with her team at Zaha Hadid architects,” says Mathias Rastorfer, Director of Galerie Gmurzynska.

“Hadid’s admiration for Malevich’s work is well known today due to her previous work with Galerie Gmurzynska on her homage to Suprematism back in 2010. Her adoration of Kurt Schwitters work, however, is lesser know and will become fully apparent when seeing our exhibition. It will be Hadid’s final major art installation since her first exhibition design for the ‘The Great Utopia’ Russian Avantgarde show at the Guggenheim New York in 1992, “ Rastorfer continues.

The retrospective also brings new attention to the influence of Kurt Schwitters on a series of artists preceding him – from David Bowie to Damien Hirst. Or as the renowned curator Norman Rosenthal put it: “there is no artist working today that has not been influenced by Kurt Schwitters.”

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By Daniel Scheffler