The current exhibition at Tehran’s Dastan+2 is a two-person show titled Roots, with works by sculptor, Shaqayeq Arabi and renowned painter, Fereydoun Ave.

Bringing together both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works by Arabi and Fereydoun Ave, Roots represents a collaboration between these two artists who explore from their individual perspectives concerns pertaining to the duality of their artistic positioning that extends to life and as Arabi put its, explorations in different levels: “as a male and female, established and mid-career artists, two-dimensional ink drawings/paintings and three-dimensional sculptures, objects as the complimentary creative cycles of each artist.”

Arabi’s installations are concerned with sustainability issues that are predominantly centred on a sense of being uprooted from mother earth. A statement of our lost connection with the earth, a misplacement, an uprootedness. These are manifested by works that make use of found tree trunks, branches, discarded bits of trees that are placed on plinths or suspended in the gallery space, giving them a poetic and symbolic aura evoking that they were once alive and part of nature, as well as the fragility of life.

Fereydoun Ave on the other hands, works in mixed media, with Indian ink, watercolours and acrylic paints used to mark both paper and canvas.Perhaps both of their works can be applied to the uprooted nature of contemporary life, one that is in flux and constantly moving people across varied geographical settings.

Roots is about the condition of the earth at winter time, its nurturing powers and the respect it deserves as a sacred element. It about the cycle of life, death in winter that allows for a re-birth in spring and a strong reminder of our own mortality annually. The two artists, despite working independently both observed the same properties in roots and how essential they are to connecting mankind with nature. Previously exhibited at Total Arts at the Courtyard (Dubai, UAE), this is the second showing of the exhibition with works by Fereydoun Ave created in Paris and transported to Tehran for this exhibition, whilst Arabi, created new site-specific works at the location.

Roots is on on view at Dastan+2 until 5 May 2017