Right in the heart of London, on St James is where Skarstedt is opening up their new gallery space. Bona Montagu, Director of Skarstedt London, said, “The new space on Bennet Street, with three interconnected galleries, affords us the ability to present more comprehensive historical exhibitions.”

And with their opening they are showing two artists, known for their influence on the “Picture Generation” of the 70s and 80s. “Cindy Sherman and David Salle: History Portraits and Tapestry Paintings” will thus open on the first of October and run through November 26.

“We are thrilled therefore, to be inaugurating the new gallery with a joint exhibition of Cindy Sherman’s History Portraits and David Salle’s Tapestry Paintings. Created during the same period, 1988 – 1991, these highly accomplished bodies of work will be shown together for the first time, demonstrating the artists’ shared interest in the representation of culture and social attitudes,” she continues.

Sherman and Salle both emerged onto the art world in what some might call “the media dominated era” and drew upon imaginary that was familiar or somewhat familiar as influences on their work – finally seeing these two artists together offers a new glimpse at exactly what that means twenty or thirty years later.

By Daniel Scheffler