Designers Joanathan Levien and Nipa Doshi form the dynamic duo that founded the internationally acclaimed design studio Doshi Levien. It all happened over ten years ago when they met at the Royal College of Art in London

The two designers are highly aware of their unique compatibility as creative partners. They see their differences as tools that compliment each other. Doshi sees design through a more visual culture. She conceptualizes by the way of drawing, creating magnificent stories on squared notebooks whereas Levien is at his full potential when engaged with fabricating and the immediacy of action and reaction.

Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, photographed by Rob Greig 

Leading textile manufacturer Kvadrat recently invited the duo to the UAE during Dubai Design Week to launch the new collection of curtains they have been working on that consist of mainly playing with the perceivably opposite characteristics of soft fabric and metallic architectural structures. Kvadrat’s contribution demands full dedication as the designers present them with as many as 50 renditions of the warm tones native to the Eastern region.

Simultaneously, they have exhibited the new collection of chairs designed for Moroso. The idea of recasting the role of a chair from object to a functional space, set in motion the intent observed before every stage of this creation.

Imagine a sale arching from a mast simulating a sailboat. Now, picture a fleet of ships staged in unified formation within an open working environment.

The function of an object is commonly overlooked nowadays by the occupation’s increasing popularity. However aesthetic the Armada appears to be, Doshi Levien’s concept for this project lies in the function of privacy. In such an none-intimate setting as an open work space, the functions of privacy is sought and present through the difference in acoustic, spatial and personal elements one will suddenly become sensitized to. A basic human reality, designers such as Doshi Levien must actively seek to support and sooth.

By Anastasia Nysten