Snarkitecture Celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary by Creating an Imaginative House in the Atrium of the National Building Museum

Snarkitecture, the New York based design practice that examines interdisciplinary boundaries through large-scale projects and installations, has just opened what is perhaps one of their most ambitious projects to date: Fun House.

Curated by Maria Cristina Didero and conceived as an imaginary structure inside the National Museum Building in Washington, DC, Snarkitecture’s first comprehensive museum exhibition reimagines the traditional idea of the home. It includes a number of interactive elements including well-known Snarkitecture environments and objects, like Dig (2011) and Drift (2012), paying homage to the past 10 years of their practice. The imaginary, dream-like home includes a maze, icebergs and hive-like structures that invite visitors to experience domestic space in a unique, original way.

Fun House, press rendering

The Snarkitecture designed house pays homage to the theme of accessibility, reimagining how new forms of interaction can take place between us and our built surroundings. In the middle of the exhibition is a massive freestanding structure developed especially for the museum, clad in white.

“Part museum exhibition and part immersive environment, the project invites visitors to explore Snarkitecture’s past installations, furniture and objects,” said Alex Mustonen, co-founder of the practice. “In keeping with our goal of making architecture accessible and engaging, we look forward to introducing a whole new audience to our work.”

The interactive rooms include objects accessible to visitors’ sense of touch and play, mapping as it were the flexibility of urban design in relation to new horizons of interactivity. The home includes one of Snarkitecture’s most famous works, The Beach (2015), a “backyard” pool filled with hundreds of thousands of balls that allow visitors to jump in and explore. On the eve of Snarkitecture’s 10 anniversary, the NYC-based design studio has created an exhibition that is sure to be a summer hit.

Fun House is on view at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, from July 4th — September 3rd 2018.