This year, the first Indian Ceramics Triennale: Breaking Ground will take place in Jaipur, India from 31 August to 18 November 2018. This is the first international ceramics event to be held in Jaipur and a significant event given the historical importance of this art form in India, and the growing resurgence of ceramics in Modern and Contemporary Art globally. The triennial will include 35 Indian and 12 international artist projects, collaborations, a symposium, film screenings and workshops for adults and children. Breaking Ground has developed under the advice of Peter Nagy (Director, Nature Morte gallery), Ray Meeker (Co-Founder, Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, renowned artist and educator) and Pooja Sood (Director General, Jawahar Kala Kendra). Furthermore, the curatorial framework is artist-led and has been conceived by a six-member team of mid-career ceramic artists including Anjani Khanna, Madhvi Subrahmanian, Neha Kudchadkar, Reyaz Badaruddin, Sharbani Das Gupta, and Vineet Kacker. Anjani Khanna, Director, Contemporary Clay Foundation and a member of the Curatorial Team says, “We seek to broaden the horizon of the medium of clay. The Ceramics Triennale aims to showcase alternative, experimental and experiential uses of ceramics within and beyond the boundaries of the traditional gallery. You see this in the artworks of both Indian and international artists like Shampa Shah from India and Ingrid Murphy from the UK, for instance.”

The projects in the triennale will explore a range of themes that deal with clay in relation to scale, site specificity, interaction, technology and performance. The Indian artists on view were selected through a nationwide open call and international artists by invitation, a move to encourage a dialogue between the local and global in relation to ceramics.
The triennial is an initiative of Jawahar Kala Kendra (popularly known as JKK), a not for profit arts and culture centre in Jaipur, which endeavours to preserve and promote Indian art on an international level. It is a collaborative effort with the Contemporary Clay Foundation and outreach is fostered together with Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning, a not-for-profit public trust that aims to integrate arts and education.

Breaking Ground, the first Indian Ceramics Triennale includes:
Exhibition | 31 August – 18 November 2018
Symposium | 1-2 September 2018
Workshops (Adults and Children) | Ongoing through the duration of the Festival
Master Classes | Ongoing through the duration of the Festival
Film Cycle | Ongoing through the duration of the Festival.
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Gallery Captions:

1- Rahul Kumar & Chetnaa Terra Geometrix, 10ftx8ft, wall mounted components in high-fired stoneware clay

2- Rakhee Kane Work Detail

3- Reyaz Badaruddin, working in the studio

4- Saraswati Renata, Anti Gravity

5-Sukhdev Rathod, Migration and Memories (Detail), Stoneware and ceramic, 2018

6-Vipul Kumar, Nature’s Signature

7-Aarti Vir portrait, 2018

8-Adil Writer, A Deserted Barcode

9-Anjani Khanna, working in the studio

10-Antra Sinha, detail of work for Breaking Ground

11- Dipalee Daroz, Instrument of Perception

12- Jane Perryman, Containing Time (Detail)

13- JKK