Thresholds 3.0, the third presentation of paintings by Syrian artist, Mouteea Murad, is showcasing at Ayyam Gallery Beirut. The selection of works stem from the artist’s solo exhibition Thresholds, which was initially presented at Ayyam Gallery Dubai in 2016.

Embracing a bold colour palette, Murad intricately explores the use of mathematics in geometric abstraction on canvas. An emphasis on space and dimension runs through the works, as Murad’s use of numerical sequence and mathematical functions to construct his grid-like patterns, results in an impression of movement and the illusion of depth and expanding space. Drawing influence from the geometric forms and motifs of Islamic art, the artist’s works reflect a unification of spirituality and formalism.

The show is on view through July 31.

Trial No.123 – Manifestations at the Warm Sands, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 400 cm