Each year, Basel Switzerland, transforms into a hub of creativity, flowing with the latest in arts and culture from around the world. Widely known as one of the most important fairs for new and middle generation galleries, LISTE-Art Fair Basel, is back this year with an exciting and diverse new program. This year’s selection committee, composed exclusively of museum experts and artists, have selected 79 galleries from 32 countries to participate in the fair. Selections has put together a round-up to highlight what to keep your eyes peeled on at this year’s edition of the fair.

LISTE, runs from June 11 through to June 17

Helvetia Art Prize 2018 

This year’s Helvetia Art Prize 2018 goes to Gina Proenza, a Visual Arts graduate from the Haute Ecole D’Art de Lausanne. The lucky winner gets the sponsorship award for young artists with 15,000 francs as prize money and a solo exhibition at Liste Art Fair Basel.

Le rut animal, 2018 (section), by Gina Proenza, plaster, sieve and motors Picture: Martina Flury

Vibrant Matters
The eclectic program of performances is essential to the overall LISTE experience. Featuring a series of seven solo and group performances by internationally renowned artists, The 14th Performance Project of LISTE will provide visitors with the opportunity to encounter multiple performative interventions that touch on today’s complex geopolitical and virtually-influenced realities.

Jan Vorisek
Incorporating improvised music and noise, the multi-disciplinary Zurich-based artist, Jan Vorisek will present an experimental auditory experience with his piece “Whip Drone” (2018).

Jan Vorisek, Amplified Sludge, Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2017

Performance artist NIC Kay, is sure to shake things up with “Pushit,” the site-responsive performance meditates on the relationship between performative freedoms on stage and race.

NIC Kay, pushit!![ an exercise in getting well soon ], Photo: Sarah-Ji Rhee

Luci Lippard
Using drums, voice, synths and songs, German artist duo Lucinda Dayhew and Hanne Lippard will make noise out of poetry.

Luci Lippard at KW, Institute for Contemporary Art, 2017, Photo: Daniele Tognozzi


Amongst the list of global galleries at LISTE this year, Selections is pleased to announce that Dubai’s Green Art Gallery and Marfa’ Projects will be participating at the fair.