Anna Seaman

Through a piece of visual art you can learn about history, politics, religion, love, science, music and a whole host of other subjects including personal stories. For Anna Seaman, as a writer, it is a joy and a passion to set herself the challenge of writing about visual art and the messages that artists wish to convey through their work. Currently, Anna runs her own online portal featuring art-related news, reviews and features ( and prior to that she was the visual arts writer at The National newspaper, whose headquarters are in Abu Dhabi. Anna is from the UK and has been living in the Middle East for 10 years.

Installation view of Yusuke Oono’s work, Al Hamriyah Studio, Sharjah Art Foundation, 2018. Mixed Media Installation, dimensions variable. Image courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation


It has become almost standard to expect exhibitions and programming of the highest international calibre from the Sharjah Art Foundation, and this season will not disappoint. In an exhibition that highlights book design in Japan from the early 1900s to…
Installation view of Departure 2018 in Artist’s Rooms, Chiharu Shiota at Jameel Arts Centre


Jameel Arts Centre opens in Dubai As the crowds of art world professionals gathered on Dubai’s Jaddaf Waterfront for the official opening of the Jameel Arts Centre, a pivotal moment in history for the UAE’s art scene played out. After…

Hoda Tawakol, When The Dates Turn Red, installation view, Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde


Somewhere along the line, November snuck up upon the art crowd in Dubai. Now, it rivals March in terms of the numbers of people visiting the UAE for the art – and the quality of the exhibitions reflects just that.…
Red Sky at Night 1, Jessica Watson Thorp, 2015, 36x48 cm, Ink on Paper


November witnessed the peak of annual artistic activity for the UAE capital, with Abu Dhabi Art almost coinciding with the first anniversary celebrations for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, as well as a series of exhibitions opening all over town. Many…



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