Selections Arts Magazine announces its release of its dedicated special issue to Anachar Basbous

“Being Anachar Basbous”

We are getting personal with Anachar Basbous, talking about Major commissioned works along with interviews and encounters with people who influenced his life.

Photo by Roger Moukarzel
Photo by Roger Moukarzel

In this issue I invite you all to meet Anachar, his family, and his art, through this special edition of “Being Anachar Basbous “. As well as hearing from Anachar himself, we invited other distinguished guests to share glimpses of their connection to him and his world: Gregory Buchakjian examines the father-son legacy; art historian Thierry Savatier traces the rise of an artist in the context of his familial roots; gallerist Saleh Barakat reflects on the artist’s career to date; Randa Armanazi reveals her role in supporting art and the artist’s work in public space; Dalloul Art Foundation founder Dr Basel Dalloul enthuses on the artist as a talented force and a dear friend; Jussi Pylkkänen, global president of Christie’s auction house, shares the story behind the work that takes pride of place in his office; gallerist Claude Lemand writes about the artist’s upcoming project at IMA in Paris; and architect Jawdat Arnouk reveals more about his collaboration with Anachar on the Mohtaraf Anachar Basbous (MAB) project to be launched in September 2022.

A special thank you goes to Elma, Anachar’s wife, who helped us gather as much information as possible to ensure that this issue offers you an insightful perspective on “Being Anachar Basbous”.

Rima Nasser – Founder

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