‘Beyond the Lines’ at the Villa Empain

‘Beyond the Lines’ is an exhibition showcasing the works and research of artists who were Residents at Villa Empain, focusing on the line and drawing. This exhibition open from 28 June to 3 November 2024, celebrates the timeless technique of drawing, crucial for artists, craftsmen, and architects throughout history and still vital today. The works explore forms, colours, and their infinite variations, steering clear of systematic approaches. The featured artists include Ulla Hase, Alaa Itani, Rébecca Konforti, Romain Ruiz-Pacouret, Marine Pagès, Julien Saudubray, Amélie Scotta, Brendan Sullivan Shea and Younes Zarhoni.

Brendan Sullavan SheaIn Lieu / En Ligne , 2024 
© Silvia Cappellari
Colored pencils, pastels and ink on paper
Brendan Sullavan Shea, In Lieu / En Ligne , 2024, © Silvia Cappellari, Coloured pencils, pastels and ink on paper

Boghossian Foundation Residency Located at Villa Empain, the Boghossian Foundation Residency invites artists from various disciplines and backgrounds to a unique creative space. Housed in the former conciergerie near the pool, the residency offers a shared studio and living quarters, allowing artists to focus on their research for one to three months. It serves as a hub for contemporary creation and idea exchange, welcoming painters, photographers, video artists, dancers, performers, conductors, poets, writers, curators, and scientists. The residency’s international scope includes Belgium-based artists through an external program with access to the Studio near the Villa’s gardens.

Julien SaudubrayDrawing #195 , 2022 
Dry pastel and linseed oil on paper
Julien Saudubray, Drawing #195 , 2022, Dry pastel and linseed oil on paper

Drawing inspiration from landscapes, geometry, and both free and repetitive patterns, the artists in the ‘Beyond the Lines’ exhibition explore the numerous applications, scales, and experiences of drawing. Their works are presented in various formats, including framed pieces, plinths, wall installations, and suspended artworks. Whether figurative, abstract, or a blend of both, these pieces delve into the depth and monumentality of drawing, revealing the mechanisms of the line. This line can outline visible forms or trace an unseen architecture.

The artists have been actively involved in curating their displays within their designated spaces. Romain Ruiz-Pacouret and Rébecca Konforti, for instance, created an on-site mural specifically for this project.

Dates: 28 June to 3 November 2024

Location: Villa Empain, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 67 – 1050 Brussels

Romain Ruiz-Pacouret and Rébecca KonfortiConstruire un monde , 2024 
© Silvia Cappellari
Acrylic mural on the scale
Romain Ruiz-Pacouret and Rébecca Konforti, Construire un monde , 2024, © Silvia Cappellari, Acrylic mural on the scale



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