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Rana Raouda on her Coquelicots series

How do you approach your creative process and choice of colours? Rana Raouda: When I work, the way I choose my colours is very intuitive. The less I think, the better it is. My hands guide me, and then the…

selections arts knokke art fair 2024


The Knokke Art Fair will take place from 10 to 18 August at the Grand Casino Knokke. This fair blends respect for tradition with a focus on contemporary trends. Held for the fourth time at this venue, the fair features…

'Lens & Light: Moments in Focus' at Ayyam Gallery Dubai.

‘Lens & Light: Moments in Focus’ at Ayyam Gallery Dubai

Ayyam Gallery presents its annual summer collective exhibition titled ‘Lens & Light: Moments in Focus’ from 10 July until 31 August 2024. The exhibition showcases works by artists Ammar al-Beik, Sama Alshaibi, Huda Baydoun, Majid Koorang Beheshti, Ammar Abd Rabbo,…

'Augmented, Disruptive Tabbouleh Making-Unmaking' by Dalia Khalife at Takeover

‘Augmented, Disruptive Tabbouleh Making-Unmaking’ by Dalia Khalife at Takeover

‘Bitesize’ is Takeover’s seventh open call, inviting Lebanese or Lebanon-based artists to propose a performative gesture considering the street location, pedestrian and car traffic, and involving audience or passerby interaction. Performances involving food were highly encouraged. The jury, comprised Ieva…

Salsali Private Museum. Courtesy of Salsali Private Museum.

Artistic Unity: Art in the UAE: Salsali Private Museum

This article appeared in The Artistic Unity Issue #67 which was dedicated to the art scene in the UAE in which we unravel the threads of unity by exploring the perspectives of various stakeholders within the UAE’s art community. Through…



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