Unveiling “Ceramic Banquet, act I”, a ceramic poly-sensorial installation by Souraya Haddad and culinary dishes by Balbosté.
Commissioned by House of Today.

House of Today_Ceramic Banquet by Souraya Haddad_Ph. Mickaël Llorca

House of Today, a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, committed to fostering Lebanon’s sustainable design culture on a global scale, will unveil the awe-inspiring creations of Lebanese ceramicist Souraya Haddad, fused with the culinary works of art by Balbosté. This unprecedented showcase, commissioned by House of Today, coincides with Paris + by Art Basel. On display will be an aesthetic, multi-sensory dialogue between eternally unique pieces, along with unparalleled culinary experiences, bringing to life boundless creativity. The intent of ‘Ceramic Banquet’ is to fuse a flair for life and conviviality that characterize Lebanon and its people, despite all the dire circumstances that the country continues to endure.

The ‘Ceramic Banquet’ installation will present functional sculptures by Souraya, as guests are taken on an experimental culinary journey with Balbosté. Set to take place at the private residence of Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, founder and curator of House of Today, on October 20 and 21, the exhibition will immerse guests in a multi-sensory setup, where arts, crafts, design and flavors will come together. This showcase will continue globally in February at Frieze 2023 in Los Angeles, alongside the works of Nathalie Khayat.

House of Today_Ceramic Banquet by Souraya Haddad_Ph. Mickaël Llorca

‘Ceramic Banquet’ will seek to highlight the links between design and Lebanese hospitality, where guests will also explore carefully curated pieces by other Lebanese
designers, such as the ‘Balloon Table’ by Najla El Zein. Dialogues are expected to emerge, as guests discover the cups, vases, candelabras and plates by Souraya, while indulging in culinary creations by Balbosté.

This showcase is part of House of Today’s mission, to nurture and showcase the works of Lebanese talent on a global scale, in private residences to International Fairs, including Design Miami and Downtown Dubai, in November 2022. The underlying message of ‘Ceramic Banquet’ is that Paris is a city of vibrant celebrations, and Beirut, is more than ever, an eternal source of inspiration.



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