‘Contemporary Views’ at Al Masar Gallery

Hamed Abdallah, Sitting Nude, Watercolour on Paper, 43cm x 34cm, 1945

Al Masar Gallery presents the Sixteenth edition of “Contemporary Views,” an annual exhibition that showcases the works of Al Masar Gallery’s artists from the First to the Sixth generation of the Egyptian Modern Art Movements.

The exhibition will feature different sections, each representing a specific period of art history, displaying a diverse range of styles and concepts in both painting and sculpture. The curation embraces the eclecticism found in Egypt, where various cultures and lifestyles coexist, creating unique and compartmentalised artistic expressions. This artistic diversity allows collectors and art enthusiasts to experience the multitude of inspirations and innovative expressions from Egyptian artists, reflecting their individual lives and experiences both in Egypt and abroad.


Omar El Nagdi, Sufism I, Oil, Glaze (and other mediums) on Canvas, 150cm x 100cm, 1960

The artworks exhibited portray each artist’s deep connection to Egyptian identity, ranging from surrealism to divine abstraction. These pieces depict their surroundings and embody the soul of Egyptian Art as a whole. The exhibition, curated by Waleed Abdelkhalek, highlights the artistic legacies and heritage of the contemporary art movements in Egypt.

Egyptian Contemporary art movements began in 1908 with the establishment of the first College of Fine Arts in Cairo, marking a shift towards modern understandings of art as distinct from craft and industry. As time progressed, artists searched for Egyptian identity, moving away from direct political expression. While some embraced dialogue with the international art scene, others questioned the compartmentalisation of artists based on national origin and advocated for full participation in the global art community.

The exhibition will feature artworks from artists from the ‘2nd – 6th’ generations, including Hussein Youssef Amin, Samir Rafi, Tahia Halim, Hamed Abdalla, Omar El Nagdi, Taha Hussein, Fatma Arargi, Mahmoud Abdalla, Nabil Darwish, Farghaly Abdel Hafiz, among others. This gathering of established and contemporary artists will offer visitors a captivating glimpse into the rich tapestry of Egyptian Art.

Installation View, Al Masar Art Gallery

About Al Masar Gallery

Al Masar Gallery has established collaborations with major international museums and galleries in the modern art sphere, demonstrating leadership in promoting Egypt’s Modern and Contemporary Art. Founder and Director Waleed Abdelkhalek’s contributions to the Egyptian art scene extend beyond Al Masar Gallery, including his support for renowned artists such as Farouk Hosny and Adam Henein. Notably, he curated the international exhibition, ‘Contemporary Egyptian Artists, Heirs to an Ancient Traditions,’ held from September 1999 to January 2000, culminating in an opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Location: Al Masar Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Date: July 9 –  September 29, 2023



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