‘Creative Liaisons’ by LIFE at We Design Beirut

At LIFE, they are guided by the principle of “Stronger Together,” as they work to empower the Lebanese community. With a global membership of 1,200 individuals, LIFE comes together to shape a brighter future for Lebanon. At the core of their efforts lies the Education program, a vital investment in the education and employability of the youth.

Nada Debs x Fadi Atwe | Carpentry
Salim & Said Alayan | Mother of Pearl and tin Inlay, Ahmad Remmo | Wood Carving, Inaash Association | Cane Embroidery, Crafted Mandala, Edition 1/1 | Maple wood, coloured veneers, mother of pearl, tin inlay, cane embroidery, stainless steel | Ø 110 cm, approx. 80 kg

LIFE introduces “Creative Liaisons,” a special showcase that brings together Lebanese Designers and Artisans. This collection will be auctioned during the Global Gala dinner on November 10th in London, with all proceeds benefiting their Education program. As part of We Design Beirut 2023, this showcase captures the essence of Beirut’s diverse design landscape.

Anastasia Nysten x Sako Ohanian | Metal Founder
Yasmina Nysten | Sculptor, Edition1/7 | Brass Lighting 200 × Ø 65 cm, 8 kg

Comprising 63 uniquely commissioned pieces, curated by Alma Collectible Design and created in collaboration with The Ready Hand, this collection embodies the pinnacle of design, artistry, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance synonymous with Lebanon. Each item has been carefully selected to highlight the designer’s creativity and their partnership with local artisans. To recognise the hard work of these skilled artisans, LIFE is contributing to the production costs for each piece.

LIFE extends their heartfelt appreciation to Zeina Raphael and Pascale Habis for their commitment, expertise, and enthusiasm in bringing this project to fruition. A thanks also goes to Gregory Gatseralia, who provided the venue, Smo Gallery, a space for “Design in Lebanon,” for the “Creative Liaisons” exhibition in October 2023. Their gratitude extends to the gifted artisans and designers, generous contributors, dedicated collectors, and passionate bidders who have made this endeavor possible.

Souraya Haddad, Hymne à la Vie, Edition 1/1 | Stoneware, 1225 °C, electrical kiln
Smooth element: 48 × 36 × 36 cm, 16 kg; Tubular element: 49 × 45 × 44 cm, 30 kg | Sold as a pair

About LIFE

LIFE’s vision is to view Lebanon as a country characterisd by a global community, encompassing more than 16 million individuals spread across six continents. Their goal is to establish a platform that transcends borders and affiliations.

Their mission, revolves around connecting Lebanese professionals, nurturing the next generation, promoting Lebanese economic development, and advocating for social reform. Their core values are centered on solidarity, integrity, pluralism, transparency, and commitment.

Founded in 2009, LIFE functions as a global professional network that empowers the Lebanese community and collaborates to build a brighter future. Their funding exclusively relies on membership fees. With a presence in 16 chapters worldwide, they boast a membership of 1,200 Lebanese professionals in fields such as consulting, finance, law, and technology.

Members engage through local and global events, allowing them to meet and network in both business and social contexts. They benefit from a tailored mentoring program led by experienced industry leaders, support each other’s businesses through the Business Xchange platform, and drive impactful initiatives within their four pillars. Additionally, they mentor LIFE scholars, guiding them in entering the job market and establishing their careers. Furthermore, they aim to hire from the network of LIFE members or scholars. All these endeavors are fueled by their unique motivation to empower the Lebanese community and collaborate for a brighter future.

Location: Smo Gallery

Dates: October 27 – 30, 2023



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