‘Crossed Perspectives’ at MACAM

Preview of one of Chloé Coomans’ installations Photo credits: Chloé Coomans

“Crossed Perspectives” delves into the convergence of two cultures, two artists, two environments, and two artistic vocabularies.

Hailing from Belgium, Chloé Coomans is a versatile artist proficient in a diverse range of mediums, including sculpture, painting, screen printing, printing, ceramics, and video. On the other hand, elparo, a self-taught French artist initially rooted in graffiti art, has transitioned to canvas painting and now primarily focuses on in-situ sculpture.

While these two artists have previously collaborated, their joint endeavours have been limited to the realm of sculpture. Central to this residency are the notions of exploration, encounter, and the transformative influence of movement and energy on the act of creation. Amidst the backdrop of a new culture and unfamiliar surroundings, their aim is to weave interconnected artworks by immersing themselves in discovery, exchange, and the absorption of inspiration.

Preview of elparo’s monumental in-situ installation Photo credits: elparo

Throughout their month-long residency at MACAM, the artists took the opportunity to draw inspiration from their surroundings, culminating in an exhibition that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces. This artistic showcase incorporates an array of forms, including sculpture, drawing, and video art. Notably, all the raw materials employed were sourced from the site itself, comprising natural elements that provoke contemplation about their creative process and the historical context of the structures from which they originate.

elparo contributed a site-specific artwork that establishes a dialogue between nature and the former lime factory’s remnants.

Chloé Coomans, on the other hand, claimed an entire room within the museum to present an intricate exhibition that encompasses drawing, installation, and video art.

Chloé Coomans et elparo au MACAM


MACAM, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Alita/Byblos, is a non-profit institution focused on Lebanese sculptures and art installations. Established in 2013, it converted an industrial complex into a vibrant museum, functioning as both a research hub and educational facility with a specialised library and artistic archive. It emphasises artistic exploration via a unique student program and supports emerging artists by hosting them on-site. The permanent exhibition, “Panorama of Sculpture in Lebanon,” spans a century, and features notable artists like the Basbous brothers. MACAM also boasts an outdoor sculpture park and a contemplative Wall adorned with murals symbolizing human rights.

Location: MACAM, Alita, Jbeil, Lebanon

Dates: 1 August – 1 October, 2023



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