Launched in 2012, Beirut Design week has since established itself as the largest growing design festival in the Middle East & North Africa. Bringing together a wide spectrum of design practices, from architecture to product design, furniture and lighting, fashion, tech and graphic design, BDW showcases Lebanese design and promotes creative exchange with regional and international design communities

The seventh edition of the festival is back with an eclectic new program. This year’s open-ended theme “Design and the City: ____________”  called on designers to reflect on the transformative role their designs  play in every aspect of the city and to consider the notion of design as a catalyst of social change which expresses the needs, desires and dreams of the city’s inhabitants. The daily program brings a medley of exhibitions, roundtable discussions, talks, workshops, tours, curated projects, performances and events taking place throughout the city and in Tripoli.

Daily Schedule Locations:

June 22: Opening Night

June 23: Hamra & Verdun

June 24: Tripoli Day

June 25: Badaro & Jisr El Wati

June 26: Downtown Saifi & Gemmayzeh

June 27: Achrafieh

June 28: Mar Mikhael

June 29: Nahr El Mot & Karantina

Beirut Design Week is running from June 22 through to June 29.

For further details check out the entire program here