Die Famous at Mark Hachem Gallery 

Die Famous at Mark Hachem Gallery 

Bosta – Poney (Diptych part I) | die Famous | 122 x 152 cm | Mix media on canvas | 2022

“Artful Crimes” is an upcoming solo exhibition by die Famous, a collaboration between American artist painter Morrison Pierce and Lebanese/Finnish artist painter Yasmina Alexandra Nysten. The exhibition, curated by Rima Nasser, CEO of SELECTIONS ARTS, will take place at Mark Hachem Gallery in Beirut starting June 22nd, 2023. It will showcase a selection of die Famous’ series, including “Malpractice,” “Black Market,” and “Bosta,” presenting a culmination of their artistic journey and bringing forth a dark and biting vision to their interpretation of the contemporary world.

Die Famous, the collaboration between Morrison Pierce and Yasmina Nysten, draws inspiration from various art movements, including pop art and the progressive painters of the 80s and 90s on the East Coast of the United States. Working from their studios in Astoria, Oregon, die Famous explores different forms of execution in their ongoing series. The “Bosta” series is influenced by street art and executed in an action painting style, reflecting their passion for the art world of the 1980s and 1990s. On the other hand, the “Charlies” series is compositionally and topically studied figurative works with an expressionistic feel, addressing topics such as protests and subcultural trends in Lebanon and America. These series serve as precursors to their more topically specific works of 2023, the “Black Market” series, and “Malpractice.”

The “Black Market” series emerged from Nysten’s encounter with street vendors selling illegal goods in Madrid in 2022. The term “banderos,” referring to these vendors, caught her attention, as it represents the person who removes honey from the fire and signals when it’s ready to be made into sugar loaf. Intrigued by the poetic connotations of this task, Nysten explored the role of a black marketer within any community, resulting in the first painting of the “Black Market” series. This series delves into the global underground economy, particularly in relation to the medical field.

Malpractice – The Dentist’s Door | die Famous | 127 x 190 cm | Mix media on canvas | 2023

In January 2023, during a road trip from Miami to Oregon, Morrison Pierce had a vision of an operation room with a covered body. This vision led to contemplation about the interconnectedness of the Black Market world and the medical world, where life and death are at the forefront. Communicating this vision to Nysten, they realised the urgency of medical matters and their influence on the proliferation of underground economies. Thus, the “Malpractice” series was born, showcasing empty rooms to emphasise the absence/presence dichotomy and explore subjects beyond human beings.

The “Artful Crimes” exhibition at Mark Hachem Gallery will showcase the culmination of die Famous’ artistic journey thus far. The selected works have undergone different spaces and engendered fluctuating moods, representing the glue that keeps the universe together for these artists.

Black Market | Banderos | die Famous | 152 x 193 cm | Mix media on canvas | 2023

About die Famous 

die Famous is an ongoing collaboration between American artist painter Morrison Pierce and Lebanese/Finnish artist painter Yasmina Nysten. Working from their studios in Astoria Oregon, the artists’ latest series entitled Black Market tackles the global proliferation of the underworld economy, especially in relation to medical fields. In juxtaposition, a series entitled Bosta, comprised of pieces faithful to their influence in street art, conjugates the show’s overarching concept. Artful Crimes is an exhibition showcasing the culmination of the artistic journey embarked upon by the painters thus far, bringing forth a dark and biting vision to their interpretation of the contemporary world.

Black Market | Epidemic I | die Famous | 225 x 150 cm | Mix media on canvas | 2023
Black Market | Epidemic II | die Famous | 215 x 150 cm | Mix media on canvas | 2023

Artful Crimes, Mark Hachem

Location: Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut

Duration: June 22- July 1, 2023




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