“Dkhoun” by Fatimah Al Nemer at Mestaria Art Gallery

Saudi artist Fatimah Al Nemer unveils her latest exhibition, “Dkhoun” at Mestaria Art Gallery Dubai. This showcase beckons us to delve into the profound journey of a female protagonist, skillfully depicted through the fusion of contemporary techniques and traditional symbols deeply rooted in Saudi culture.

Fatimah Al Nemer infuses life into a compelling narrative that reveres the strength and resilience of women. Through carefully chosen symbols steeped in Saudi culture, she traces the protagonist’s evolution from silence and oppression to intuition and self-expression.

Fatimah Nemer, Ward. 120 x 120cm

“Dkhoun,” which literally translates to “the most precious types of incense,” takes on a higher meaning in this context, symbolising goodness, purity, sustenance, and provision—an essence that resonates through our senses. When we encounter a fragrance, our natural reaction is to close our eyes and immerse ourselves in the emotions it stirs. Labeling the collection “Dkhoun” conveys that it transcends the senses, embodying a woman’s intuition, nobility, and essence, much like the most precious incense. Throughout her artworks, other symbolic elements converge with the protagonist’s journey. The pomegranate represents a woman’s warmth and beauty, while the flower signifies life itself. Another piece incorporates the “Al Rababa,” a traditional musical stringed instrument that signifies the character’s sorrow and life’s transitional phases. The dove, on the other hand, represents inner peace during life’s journey. Fatimah’s distinctive combination of textiles and materials seamlessly bridges the past and culture with the present, shining a light on the character’s beauty, strength, and intelligence. The aim is to educate outsiders about the region’s authenticity. Each piece narrates a remarkable woman’s story, providing viewers with a vivid window into the character’s odyssey from silence to self-discovery and inner peace, ultimately expressing her true self.

The exhibition boasts eight crafted tapestry pieces, each woven from various silk materials, processed and merged into four layers on canvas. The addition of acrylic colours results in a vibrant tapestry of colour and texture that mirrors the depth and richness of Saudi culture.

For Fatimah, “art is a way of life,” with inspiration drawn from personal experiences and the quest for self-expression. Art, in her view, serves as a gateway to evoke emotions and transcend the senses, conveying a message that reaches deep into the human soul. For Fatimah, drawing became a tool for empowerment, nurturing her confidence and character. Her art began as a “sanctuary of childhood,” a refuge for unspoken words in her extremely shy and timid persona. Through the gentle strokes of art, she discovered her voice and self-assurance, prompting the realisation that she could empower others, particularly women. Thus began her journey of embodying diverse characters, painting the strength and worth of women, and blending reality with imagination. Her art became an emotional canvas, a lifelike translation of dreams and sentiments, intertwining tradition with contemporary talent that resonates with a profound sense of purpose.

Fatimah Nemer, Shaloh. 120 x 120cm

About Fatimah Al Nemer

Fatimah Al Nemer is a Saudi artist, hailing from the heart of Qatif in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. Her artistic journey began over two decades ago when she initially delved into the realms of gold and jewelry design. However, her creative spirit soon pushed her to explore a diverse range of art forms, including visual arts, painting, and tapestry. Fatima holds a deep reverence for her Saudi heritage, using her art as a medium to pay homage to and empower women. In her artistic creations, she veils the eyes, beckoning us to reflect upon and engage with the narratives she weaves. She has been exhibited in the UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, as well as India, Paris and Holland.

Location: Mestaria Gallery, Dubai

Dates: 19 October – 9 November 2023



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