‘Drawing Time: Duets’ at the Sharjah Art Foundation

‘Drawing Time: Duets’ showcases contemporary and historical works from the Sharjah Art Foundation’s collection, pushing the boundaries of drawing as an art form. Running from May 4th to August 4th, 2024, at Gallery 4 of Al Mureijah Art Spaces, this exhibition emerges from a two-year study on paper conservation, aiming to redefine drawing as a culturally embedded practice that spans mental conception to diverse material manifestations. Curated by Dr Omar Kholeif, with Souraya Kreidieh and Khalid Jauffer, the exhibition celebrates the diversity of drawing while reimagining its role in contemporary art.

Baya, Femme et enfant au paon, 1947. Sharjah Art Foundation Collection. Image courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation. Photo: Shafeek Nalakath

Featuring pieces by 15 artists spanning generations, ‘Drawing Time: Duets’ weaves a tapestry of colour and texture, exploring pigment and paper, skin and screen, movement and stillness. It explores the idea of duality, repetition, and harmony, guiding viewers through a century of artistic evolution.

The artworks featured in the exhibition are by Baya, Mounir Canaan, Kimathi Donkor, Ibrahim El-Salahi, Theaster Gates, Kamala Ibrahim Ishag, Claudette Johnson, Amal Kenawy, Helen Khal, Omer Khairy, David Koloane, Farideh Lashai, Ibrahim Massouda, Eduard Puterbrot and Hassan Sharif.

Works by artists like Amal Kenawy, Helen Khal, and Ibrahim Massouda delve into themes of wounds and resilience through symbolic imagery and abstraction.

Omer Khairy, Sailors, 1967–1990. Sharjah Art Foundation Collection. Image courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation. Photo: Danko Stjepanovic

Claudette Johnson’s UAE premiere of Standing Figures captivates with its suspended moment, challenging conventional portraiture and highlighting the presence of Black bodies in art history.

Omer Khairy’s Portrait introduces the theme of duality, echoed in contrasting compositions and mediums, while Khairy’s Untitled sketches blend cultural motifs with ink renderings, capturing Sudanese life.

David Koloane’s Acolytes and Theaster Gates’ rehearsal scene juxtaposes abstract communion with musical rehearsal, bridging visual and auditory realms and symbolising solidarity within the Black community.

This exhibition is part of the Sharjah Art Foundation’s broader research into drawing and print culture, with a focus on Afro-Asian and Pacific histories.

Location: Gallery 4 of Al Mureijah Art Spaces.

Dates: May 4th to August 4th, 2024.

Claudette Johnson, Standing Figure 3, 2021. Sharjah Art Foundation Collection. Photo: Andy Keate.



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