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Lawrie Shabibi is pleased to announce As by chance!, a group exhibition at the Museum of Art and History in Cholet, France, featuring artworks by Iraqi artist Mehdi Moutashar. 

Mathematics has long maintained a deep and intricate relationship with the arts, particularly in the realms of architecture, sculpture, and painting. This connection becomes evident when examining the characteristic works of geometric abstraction, also known as constructed art.

However, it is important to approach these artistic creations with nuance. While artists in constructed art often draw inspiration from mathematical principles, their level of familiarity with theorems, irrational numbers, elementary geometry, probability, statistics, or chaos theory may vary. As a result, their utilization of mathematics in their works can range from prominent and deliberate to subtle and concealed.

The exhibition brings together internationally renowned artists and emerging creators from various backgrounds, including painters, visual artists, and videographers, who are active participants in the German and French artistic scenes. The proposals showcased in this exhibition represent a wide diversity of approaches. Curious visitors are invited to explore the mathematical elements present in these artworks, which often owe their existence, in large part, to the influence of chance—a mysterious principle with unsuspected effects.



July 1 (Saturday) 09:00 - October 1 (Sunday) 09:00(GMT-11:00)


Museum of Art and History in Cholet, France

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