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Bassam Kyrillos


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Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut is delighted to present “Multiverses”, a solo exhibition by artist Bassam Kyrillos, featuring a selection of his most recent sculptures.

His recent works explore the narratives of place through cycles of destruction and regeneration. Inhabiting the border zones between devastation and renewal, Bassam Kyrillos creates sculptures of an alternate urbanity; a place bearing witness to its history and simultaneously regenerating itself. These structures bear the marks of conflict and also burst with organic potential, searching or strategies of survival that are essential to the continuation of life.

In the world of “multiverses” we look for the inevitability of existence and we ask about the realness of the place. A scientific study states that the substance that makes up everything does not really exist, but we live in a space of holograms composed according to the ideas of each individual.
We know that the universe in which we live started with the “Big Bang”, which resulted in space and time and after which came nature and life that are violent in their nature. So according to Kyrillos, instead of determinism in a world of multiverses ruled by violence, reality derives its existence from ideas, information and consciousness.

In his sculptures, the place takes the form of the building, where the forms accumulate horizontals and verticals in a combination that simulates war, violence, destruction and death, but in parallel all of the visual elements reflect the resurrection, the hope and the peace. In the midst of this dualism, the face of human reflects the miracle of life, the secret of consciousness and the force of the mind.

Courtesy of Mark Hachem Gallery


February 28 (Thursday) - March 16 (Saturday)



Capital Gardens, Salloum St. Mine el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon


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