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Mark Hachem Gallery Beirut is delighted to present ‘Horizons’, a Solo Exhibition by artist Chaouki Chamoun, featuring a selection of his most recent works.

After last year’s immaculate show and Akel Awitt’s visit to Chamoun’s studio beforehand, he returns for another sit down with the artist, this time with a new body of works and they discuss the fearless use of color in Chamoun’s work.

‘Danger is nothing but a game to Chaouki Chamoun, and he does play this game fairly well. As if he were a blameless little kid or a courageous man, someone reckless and out of the ordinary.’
According to Awitt, colors tend to be Chamoun’s protagonists in his paintings, in fact they actually are. To Chaouki, all of the colors are heroes and each one occupies its whole surface with no partner, companion nor rival or any attempt to mix, dissolute or blend.

Awitt carries on to write: ‘Chamoun’s usage of the cursed and worrying colors makes you skip a heartbeat. It is these unusual colors in the history of art that reign as masters in this exhibition, with the other more traditional ones. Subsequently, here, in this land of innovation, no boundaries exist on the colors. No censorship, elimination or exception.’

In this exhibition Chamoun plays with fire and court shipping danger, Awitt explains.
And even though this exhibition is abundant with extremely dangerous paintings made of combinations of wild, harsh, problematic, shiny, seducing and rousing colors, it does not fall in their trap shying off but it leads on radiant and glowing.

Nevertheless, Chamoun does preserve traditions and customs, whether in the structure, the technique and even the coherence of all the elements and their consistency. Even with the tiny humans horizontally laid out at the bottom of his paintings, Chamoun has yet to release them, a vital element to his message and a unique signature.

Courtesy of Mark Hachem Gallery


April 23 (Tuesday) - May 25 (Saturday)



Capital Gardens, Salloum St. Mine el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon


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