june, 2019

25junallday10julGeorge Merheb | Writings Plus


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Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut is delighted to present “Writings Plus”, a solo exhibition by Lebanese artist George Merheb, featuring a new body of works.

George depicts writing and drawing in an intertwined matter, they share a purpose, a function and a destiny. Haunted by letters and fully engaged in their elemental presence, in their flexibility in turning into a musical piece, intertwining with colors, lines and words. He challenges the norm and creates a chaos which seemingly dominates the work and offers the viewer a new insight away from their everyday function.

‘The waltz continues and seems to turn letters and words into musical notes. The letters continue to build unreadable words. The indecipherable words continue to construct ambiguous ideas and shady stories.’ The artist describes his paintings as scattered drawings allowing the viewer to find a piece of wire that leads to other puzzles, an infinite world of letters.

Courtesy of Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut.


June 25 (Tuesday) - July 10 (Wednesday)



Capital Gardens, Salloum St. Mine el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon


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