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Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut is delighted to present “Suspension of Disbelief”, a solo exhibition by artist Ghazi Baker, featuring a selection of his most recent works.

Growing up, Baker was amazed by what he saw in films, fascinated by the ability to pursue the viewer in believing a story line, from Superman to Star Wars and even romantic films.
Later in life, this fascination turned into a philosophical pursuit, a journey of discovery and research to find what really makes the viewer accept the premise of a film.

Suspension of disbelief is an essential ingredient for any kind of storytelling. With any film, the viewer has to ignore the reality that they are viewing a staged performance and temporarily accept it as their reality in order to be entertained. Black and white films provide an obvious early example that audiences are willing to suspend disbelief, no matter how implausible the images appear, for the sake of entertainment. With the exception of totally color-blind people (achromats), no person viewing these films sees the real world without color, but some are still willing to suspend disbelief and accept the images in order to be entertained. Suspension of disbelief is also supposed to be essential for the enjoyment of many films and television shows involving complex stunts, special effects, and seemingly unrealistic plots and characterizations.

As an audience, the psychological effort required to enter this state of arrested disbelief seems innate and effortless. As an art, Baker wanted to experiment with the aesthetics of painting surreal and sometimes grotesque characters to see if the viewer would be willing to suspend disbelief and convince himself that he/she is looking at actual audience members watching a specific movie and reacting to it.

Through his exhibition ‘Suspension of Disbelief’, Ghazi Baker divides his work into two symbiotic elements, the transmitter and the receiver, the movie and the viewer and in the case of his paintings, the painted audience becomes the transmitter to the viewer of the painting, attempting to introduce the viewer as a new entity willing to possibly suspend their disbelief while looking at the paintings.

Courtesy of Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut


March 28 (Thursday) - April 20 (Saturday)



Capital Gardens, Salloum St. Mine el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon


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