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Gideon Rubin, Boy in Boat, 2020, oil on linen, 125 x 150 cm


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We are delighted to announce the first solo exhibition by Gideon Rubin in Italy.

Rubin creates paintings where the figures are rendered without their facial features. Thus the gaze of the viewer is not captured by physiognomy, but by the atmosphere unleashed by the entire images; the subjects are characterized by their positions and attitudes, by the way they move in space and dress.

Evanescent and melancholic, Rubin’s works speak of a past or a recollection that has surfaced in memory. The paint is dense and seductive, with fluid strokes that describe intimate atmospheres and complicity between the subjects portrayed. With their forcefully evocative character, these figures trigger direct empathy in the viewer.

The subjects are depicted during everyday activities; the artist draws us into moments of elusive intimacy. A couple walking with arms around each other, a young woman undressing, flowers gradually wilting become part of a temporal dimension of slowness and calm. Landscapes are barely indicated settings, colors that stand out, revealing parts of untouched canvas.

The delicate colors used by Rubin – sandy tones, grayish blues, milky whites – combined with the multiple brushstrokes on the canvas suggest the desire to bring something almost forgotten back to life and give it permanence. The viewer can complete the missing details using his own memories.

The sources for Rubin’s works are mostly found images, old photographs that belong to a personal but anonymous past, or recent images from magazine belonging to contemporary culture. The artist collects them, creating an archive of images for his paintings, a sort of act of re-appropriation of personal memories and stories. The subjects, though differing in nature, are stylistically comparable, equalized with one another. Past and present, conscious and unconscious, personal and universal are equivalent in the eyes of the artist. Rubin’s works thus narrate fragments of a wider, complex history of multiple implications, whose many sources, artistic citations and mass media culture, are reworked in a very personal pictorial language.

The erasure of facial features in Rubin’s works takes on an unintentional resonance in the present pandemic: the surgical masks we are all wearing now remove our main identifying characteristics, making us become abstract and enigmatic, but at the same time real and vital, like the subjects he depicts.

Courtesy of Monica de Cardenas.


June 3 (Wednesday) - October 10 (Saturday)


Galleria Monica De Cardenas

Via Francesco Viganò 4 20124 Milano | Italy


Galleria Monica De Cardenas[email protected] Via Francesco Viganò 4 20124 Milano | Italy

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