february, 2019

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Join Grégoire Devin in New York for his Solo Show at Gallery Max Soho.

Grégoire Devin, French artist, brilliantly evokes mental, urban ideas through his paintings, sculptures and painted ceramics. While using street art as a base, Grégoire Devin integrates concepts and styles that draw from the early facets of childhood art, his travels, and his interactions with street culture. His innovative experimentation with art and drawing, began at a very young age. Today, Devin is a prolific artist showing his works around the world, in places like NYC, Miami, Tokyo and Beijing in China. His paintings are filled with doodles of figuration and abstraction. In this regard, Grégoire Devin’s work focuses on making social commentaries through this intersection of graffiti and street art with other styles of more formal painting. His artworks seem to represent facets of a personal narrative; there is something diaristic about them as if the phrases he employs had been ripped from pages of his own journal.


february 6 (Wednesday) - 27 (Wednesday)


Gallery Max Soho

552 Broadway, #401 (buzz #9), New York, NY 10012


Gallery Max Soho 552 Broadway, #401 (buzz #9), New York, NY 10012

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In Tandem by James Austin Murray and Mark ZimmermannIulia Toma, "Middle Gray", 2016, textile mural made of collage of textile materials, 181 x 280 cm