march, 2019

25marallday20aprHoussam Ballan | Subconscious Reality

Houssam Ballan, Clay, 2019, oil on canvas, 140 x 140 cm


Event Details

Fann A Porter gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening reception of Subconscious Reality, the second solo exhibition by Houssam Ballan, tomorrow, 25 March, 7 pm to 10 pm.

Subconscious Reality explores the society and persons in the midst of conflict, and the alternate realities these situations can create. Ballan creates works that tell a story, one that seems to carry multiple narratives. Perhaps a painting boasts life and energy, or at the same time holds some form of hope of an escape. The artist’s figures are minimalistic, rounded, and purposefully lacking detail, resembling icons, giving a timeless frame to the works. This timelessness makes Ballan’s works relevant in the past, the present and the future.

Ballan’s focus on human interactions continues to play a big role in his new works. The figures are painted caught in everyday life moments, yet these moments feel both intimate and relatable at the same time. In his painting, Two Dancers, the sense of hope – or the hope of hope – is gently portrayed to the viewer, with his use of reduced detail, colour, and soft lines. Though, seeming to exist in dreamland, his hopeful paintings are strongly relatable and very much rooted in reality. The emotion found in the characters’ eyes – through the use of flat colour combined with the sense of continuous movement – creates moving, poetic portraits.

The works also touch upon one’s own perception of self, physical perception and the issues we face today with body image. The beautiful figures embody all the notions of self-love and put to shame all the unrealistic social norms of beauty.

Courtesy of Fann A Porter gallery


March 25 (Monday) - April 20 (Saturday)


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